CCC : MS Word Shortcut Keys Quiz

MCQ Questions of MS Word Shortcut Keys in a Quiz in useful for CCC Nielit Exams and computer General Knowledge.

Random Question Quiz on Microsoft Office Word Shortcut Keys : For CCC Exam Online Test preparation

Number of Question : 20 Time : 10 Minutes

MS office Shortcut Key Quiz

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Bold the highlighted selections.

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Copy selected text.

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open find box

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Go to

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Italic highlighted selection.

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Aligns the line/selected text for justifying.

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Indent the paragraphs.

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Open window

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Align the line/selected text to left the screen.

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you can undo the last action.

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Quickly change the font.

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To delete the word to the right of the cursor.

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used to show non-printing characters

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used to insert current date.

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used to insert time.

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used for help

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It is used for spell and grammar check of selected text

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Print the document

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