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Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS Prelims and Mains General Studies Paper-4, Book in English and Notes in Hindi PDF for UPSC for free download.

Section 1: Ethics and Human Interface

  • Essence of Ethics:
    • Moral principles governing human conduct.
    • Importance of values, rights, and duties.
    • Theories of Ethics (Utilitarianism, Deontology, Virtue Ethics).
  • Determinants of Ethics:
    • Moral development, conscience, reason, emotions.
    • Socialization, family, education, religion, culture.
    • Role models, leaders, laws, institutions.
  • Consequences of Ethics:
    • Individual well-being, social harmony, good governance.
    • Corruption, conflict, injustice, inequality.
  • Dimensions of Ethics:
    • Individual vs. Society (selfishness vs. altruism).
    • Personal vs. Professional (conflict of interest, whistle-blowing).
    • Short-term vs. Long-term (sustainability, environmental ethics).

Section 2: Human Values

  • Lessons from Great Leaders and Reformers:
    • Mahatma Gandhi (Truth, Non-violence).
    • Nelson Mandela (Equality, Reconciliation).
    • Martin Luther King Jr. (Courage, Justice).
    • Others relevant to Indian context.
  • Role of Family, Society, and Educational Institutions:
    • Inculcating values through character education.
    • Promoting critical thinking, empathy, and social responsibility.
    • Addressing social evils and discrimination.

Section 3: Public/Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration

  • Constitutional Values:
    • Liberty, Equality, Justice, Fraternity.
    • Secularism, Democracy, Republic.
  • Civil Service Values:
    • Integrity, Impartiality, Accountability, Transparency.
    • Commitment to Public Service, Dedication to Duty, Strive for Excellence.
  • Challenges to Ethical Decision-Making:
    • Corruption, nepotism, favoritism, pressure from superiors.
    • Personal biases, conflicts of interest, dilemmas.
  • Strategies for Promoting Ethical Conduct:
    • Strong leadership, whistle-blower protection, transparency mechanisms.
    • Continuous learning, self-reflection, ethical dilemmas training.

Section 4: Aptitude and Emotional Intelligence

  • Aptitude for Civil Services:
    • Decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking.
    • Communication, leadership, teamwork, social skills.
    • Stress management, resilience, adaptability.
  • Emotional Intelligence:
    • Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation.
    • Empathy, social skills, relationship management.
    • Importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and conflict resolution.

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Ethics Notes for Civil Services
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