Multiple Currency in Tally Prime

Create, use maintain multiple currency and set rate of Exchange in Tally Prime. Step by step notes with example and practice assignment.

Multiple Currencies : Many Organizations have transactions in more than one currency. Such transactions have to be recorded either in the base (home) currency or in the foreign currency. If the transactions are recorded in home currency, the rate at which the foreign currency is exchanged should be recorded as well.

Create Currency in Tally Prime

Gateway of Tally > Currency > Create

SymbolFormal Name
Word representing number after decimalCent

Set Rate of Exchange in Tally Prime

Set Dollar Rate : Create > Rate of Exchange

DateSpecified RateDate  Specified RateDateSpecified Rate

Create Ledger : Gateway of Tally > Create > Ledger

Ledger NameUnder
Suresh RawatSundry Creditors
PurchasePurchase Accounts
Haider EnterpriseSundry Debtors
SalesSales Account

Create Stock Group : Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Group


Create Item : Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Item


Purchase Entry Gateway of Tally > Voucher > F9

Supplier invoice no.: 001
Party A/c name ledger: Suresh Rawat
Purchase ledger: Purchase

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
Pizza10 Pcs$2.00 Pcs$20.00
Chips10 Pkt$1.00 Pkt$10.00
$30.00 @ ₹ 73/$ = ₹ 2190.00

Sales Entry : Gateway of Tally > Voucher > F8

Reference no.: 001
Party A/c name ledger: Haider Enterprise
Sales ledger: Sales

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
Pizza5 Pcs$3.00 Pcs$15.00
Chips5 Pkt$2.00 Pkt$10.00
$25.00 @ ₹ 80/$ = ₹ 2000.00

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