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🔹 Why Reasoning Matters: The ability to reason logically and think critically is a skill that can make all the difference in competitive exams. From banking to SSC, railways to government jobs, mastering reasoning opens doors to success across a plethora of competitive arenas.

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🔹 What’s Inside: Dive into a treasure trove of chapters, each meticulously crafted to enhance your logical thinking abilities. From coding-decoding conundrums to mind-bending puzzles, syllogism secrets to analytical wonders – this book covers it all. With clear explanations, practice questions, and real-world examples, it’s your ultimate companion to conquering the reasoning section.

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Topics of Reasoning Book

This book cover following topics of Reasoning in Hindi

  1. Analogies: Identifying relationships between pairs of words or concepts.
  2. Classification: Categorizing objects, words, or concepts based on specific criteria.
  3. Series Completion: Identifying the pattern and completing numerical, alphabetic, or alphanumeric series.
  4. Coding-Decoding: Substituting letters or words with numbers, symbols, or other letters based on given rules.
  5. Blood Relations: Solving problems related to family relationships and kinship.
  6. Direction and Distance: Navigating through directions and distances to find locations.
  7. Ordering and Ranking: Arranging elements based on a particular order or ranking.
  8. Seating Arrangement: Arranging individuals or objects in a linear or circular arrangement based on given conditions.
  9. Puzzles: Solving various types of logical puzzles and brain teasers.
  10. Syllogism: Drawing logical conclusions based on given statements or premises.
  11. Input-Output: Determining the output of a given input using predefined rules.
  12. Data Sufficiency: Deciding whether the provided data is sufficient to answer a given question.
  13. Inequalities: Comparing quantities using inequality symbols.
  14. Alphabet and Number Test: Solving problems related to sequences of alphabets or numbers.
  15. Venn Diagrams: Analyzing relationships and overlaps among different sets.
  16. Statement and Assumptions: Identifying valid assumptions based on given statements.
  17. Statement and Conclusion: Deriving conclusions from given statements.
  18. Cause and Effect: Determining cause-effect relationships between events or situations.
  19. Clocks and Calendars: Solving problems related to time, days, and dates using clocks and calendars.

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paramount reasoning book in hindi pdf

Paramount Reasoning book in Hindi pdf download

Book Name : Reasoning Book Volume 1 & 2

Publisher : Paramount Coaching Publication
Language : For Hindi medium students
Number of Pages : 207
Quality : Very Good

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