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Upkar General English Grammar Book by Ramphal Nain and Upkar Compendium General English Books by B B Jain PDF are provided for Free Download. Both the books of Upkar Publication is very useful for the candidates appearing at various competitive examinations at the State and Central levels.

The book is all-comprehensive has 45 Chapters which, cover practically all aspects of Applied Grammar, Usage, Word-Formation, Comprehension, and Composition. It represents a synthesis of the traditional and structural methods to teach the learner how to read, write, and speak English correctly, idiomatically and fluently.

While dealing with the grammatical and structural problems under various chapters, special attention has been paid to the intricate and ticklish problems which even the advanced students have to face. Problems relate particularly to the correct use of Syntax, Articles, Prepositions, Auxiliaries, Non-Finite Verbs, Position of Adverbs, Tense and Time sense, and Phrasal expressions.

Contents: Upkar General English Grammar Book

Contents of Book are :
Basic concept
The sentence
Subject and predicate
The phrase and the clause
Part of speech
The tense
The sequence of tenses
Phrasal verbs
The participle
The gerund
Question tag
Syntax: Subject-Verb Agreement
The noun
The pronoun

Upkar General English Grammar Book by Ramphal Nain

Book Name: Upkar General English Grammar Book 

Publication: Upkar Publication
Author : Ramphal Nain
Number of Pages : 457
Quality : Very good

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Upkar Compendium General English Books PDF

English Grammar Book PDF

Book Name: Upkar Compendium General English

Publication: Upkar Publication
Author : B B Jain
Number of Pages : 393
Quality : Very good

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