List of famous Inventors and their Inventions PDF

List of famous Inventors and their Inventions with PDF download for Competitive Exams Static General Knowledge. Ascending order list of Invention. Inventor and Year is given below:

Important Invention and their Inventor List

Adding MachineBlaise Pascal1642
Adhesive tapeRichard G. Drew1925
Air ConditionerWillis Carrier1902
AirplaneWright Brothers1920
AnemometerLeon Battista Alberti1450
AnimationÉmile Cohl1907
AspirinDr. Felix Hoffman1899
Atom BombJulius Robert Oppenheimer1945
Automatic CalculatorWilhelm Schickard1623
Ball Point PenJohn J Loud1888
BalloonJacques and Joseph Montgolfier1824
Barbed WireJoseph F. Glidden1873
BarometerEvangelista Torricelli1643
Bicycle TyreJ.B. Dunlop1888
Bifocal LensBenjamin Franklin1784
Blood GroupsKarl Landsteiner1900s
Electron TheoryRutherford–Bohr 1913
Boyle’s LawRobert Boyle 1662
Calculating MachinePascal  1642
Centigrade ScaleAnders Celsius1742
Cine Camera           Friese-Greene1889
CinematographeA.L. and J.L. Lumiere 1895
Clock (Mechanical)Hsing and Ling –Tsan1725
Clock (Pendulum)Christiaan Huygens1656
ComputerCharles Babbage1822
Cosmic RaysVictor Hess1912
DaltonJohn Dalton1808
Diesel EngineRudolf Diesel1892
DynamiteAlfred Nobel1867
DynamoMichael Faraday1831
Electric IronH.W. Seeley1882
Electric lamp Thomas Alva Edison1879
Electric Light BulbThomas Edison1879
ElectricityBenjamin Franklin1752
ElectromagnetW. Sturgeon1824
Electromagnetic FieldJames Clerk Maxwell 1864
ElectronJ.J. Thomson 1897
FilmDr Lee de forest1873
Fountain PenLE. Waterman1884
Gas LightingWilliam Murdoch1792
GeometryEuclid300 BC
GramophoneEmil Berliner1877
InsulinFrederick Banting1921
Jet EngineSir Frank Whittle1928
Law of GasesGay Lussac1808
LiftE.G. Otis1852
LocomotiveRichard Trevithick1804
Machine GunRichard Gatling1862
Magnetic TapeFritz Pfluemer1928
Match (Safety)Johan Edvard Lundstrom1844
MicrophoneCharles Wheatstone1827
MicrophoneDavid Edward Hughes1878
MicroscopeHans and Zacharias Janssen1590  
Motion of PlanetsJohannes Kepler1609-1619
Motor Car (Petrol)Karl Benz1886
Neon LampG. Claude1910
Newtons Law of MotionGalileo Galilei and Isaac Newton1687
PenicillinSir Alexander Fleming1928
Periodic TableDmitri Mendeleev1869
PhotonAlbert Einstein1905
Principle of relativityGalileo Galilei 1632
Quantum MechanicsMax Born1920s
RadiumMarie Curie1898
Raman EffectSir C.V. Raman1928
RefrigeratorJ. Harrison and A. Catlin Fred W. Wolf1913
Structure of Atom, Rutherford modelErnest Rutherford 1911
Schilling telegraphPavel Schilling 1832
TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell 1876
TelevisionJ.L. Baird 1926
Atomic TheoryJohn Dalton 1804
Theory of RelativityAlbert Einstein 1905
Mercury ThermometerDaniel Gabriel Fahrenheit 1714
Transformer and Electric MotorMichael Faraday 1831
Type WriterChristopher Latham Sholes1867
X-raysWilhelm Conrad Rontgen1895

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