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List of International Boundary Lines

In Alphabetical order with Country Name

Name of the BoundaryBetween the countriesYear of formationImportant features
17th ParallelSouth Vietnam and North Vietnam1954a) It was divided under the Geneva Accords in 1954
b) 17th latitude from the equator that divides North and South Vietnam
20th ParallelLibya and Sudana) It is located at the 20th latitude north of the equatorial plane
22nd ParallelEgypt and Sudana) It is located at the 22nd latitude north of the equatorial plane.
25th ParallelMauritania and Malia) It marks the northernmost section of the Mali-Mauritania border.
31st ParallelIraq and Irana) It marks the border between Iraq and Iran
b) It also marks the borders between the states of Louisiana and Mississippi
38th ParallelSouth Korea and North Koreaa) It demarcates the central part of the Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea
b) It is most guarded international boundary line.
49th ParallelThe USA and Canadaa) It Forms the International border between the USA and Canada
b) It is located 49 degrees north of the equator.
Durand LinePakistan and Afghanistan1893a) It was delimited by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1893 in undivided India.
Hinden Burg linePoland and Germanya) A defensive line in French Territory during World War I
McMahon lineChina and India1914a) Sir Henry McMahon drew IT in consultation with Tibetan representatives.
Maginot lineGermany and Francea) A defensive line on the French border towards Germany before World War II.
Mannerheim LineRussia and Finlanda) A defensive line against the Soviet Union built by Finland during World War II.
Oder-Neisse linePoland and Germanya) Demarcates Polish and German border according to the Potsdam conference, recognized by Unified Germany in 1990.
b) It runs along the rivers Oder and Lustian Neisse rivers.
Radcliffe LineIndia and Pakistana) Demarcated for the Partition of India and the formation of East (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan.
b) Sir Cyril Radcliffe demarcated it.
Seigfried lineFrance and GermanyAn extension of the Hindenburg defensive line on the western front of World War I
Blue LineLebanon and IsraelA border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel was established by the United Nations.
Green Line/ UN Buffer Zone/ Attila LineTurkish Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus1964, extended in 1974 after the ceasefire of 16 August 1974.It is a dimilitarizes zone patrolled by the United Nations Peacekeeping force in Cyprus

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