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Decimal Number System

A number system is a way of representing numbers using symbols and rules. We will discuss most common number system – decimal system. It is also known as base-10.
Uses ten symbols (0-9) to represent numbers.
Each digit’s position in a number represents a power of 10.
For example, number 365, the 5 represents units, the 6 represents tens, and the 3 represents hundreds.

Questions Answers

Few Questions from the PDF is provided below as sample. For all previous year SSC Exams questions from Number System – download the document.

  • A number being divided by 52 gives remainder 45. If the number is divided by 13, then the remainder will be ?
  • The total number of integers between 100 and 200, which are divisible by both 9 and 6 are ?
  • A number when divided successively by 4 and 5 leaves remainder 1 and 4 respectively. When it is successively divided by 5 and 4, the respective remainders will b ?
  • The smallest number to be added to 1000, so that 45 divides the sum exactly is ?
  • A number exceeds its one-fifth by 20. The number is ?
  • In a class, there are ‘z’ students. Out of them ‘x’ are boys. What part of the class is composed of girls?
  • One-fourth of a tank holds 135 litres of water. What part of the tank is full if it contains 180 litres of water?
Number system questions

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Topic : Number System
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Previous year Solved SSC Questions PDF
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