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Ratio: Comparison of two quantities or numbers by division. Ratios are typically written in the form of “a : b” or “a/b”, where “a” and “b” are the quantities being compared. For example, if you have 3 red balls and 5 blue balls, the ratio of red ball to blue balls is 3:5 or 3/5.

Proportion: A proportion stated that that two ratios are equivalent. For instance, if you have two ratios, a/b and c/d, and they are equal, then it forms a proportion.

Example Questions

Few Ratio and Proportion questions are given below for the demonstration. For questions with solution and explanation, download the pdf from the link provided bottom of this page.

  • If x runs are scored by A, then y runs by B and z runs by C, then x : y = y : z = 3 : 2. If the total number of runs scored by A, B and C is 342, the runs scored by each would be respectively ?
  • If a, b, c are three numbers such that a : b = 3 : 4 and b : c = 8 : 9, then a : c is equal to ?
  • There is a ratio of 5 : 4 between two numbers. If 40 per cent of the first is 12, then 50% of the second number is ?
  • The ratio of the ages of two persons is 4 : 7 and the age of one of them is greater than that of the other by 30 years. The sum of their ages (in years) is ?
ration and proportion MCQs

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