Question: Swapnil can build a sofa in 16 days. Working together with Revathi he can finish the work in 129/17 days. Find the number of days taken by Revathi to complete the work if she works alone.

  1. 128/17 days
  2. 128/16 days
  3. 6 days
  4. 128/9 days

Answer: 4. 128/9 days

building a sofa workdone = w
Swapnil can do in 16 days = w=16s
s=speed of swapnil
equation working together
r=(16s(17))/128 -s
r=1.125 s ( substituting s)
r=1.125 w/16
r (16)/1.125= w
t=128/9 days

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