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English Grammar Book PDF Level 2 for free Download. How to improve English speaking skills and Grammar free ebook pdf download. This book is very useful for Beginners and students looking to qualify the various level of IELTS Exam. Moreover, This English Grammar Book is very useful for study of SSC CGL, CHSL, JE, Steno and IBPS, Banking Competitive exams

Contents of English Grammar Book

Present Continuous For Future Use
Will or Going To?
Linking Words: Reasons and Results, Linking Words: Adding, Organizing, Summarizing
Linking Words: Contrasting Ideas
Tips for Learning Irregular Verbs
Simple Past and Past Continuous
Comparative Adjectives: Not as __ as
Comparative Adjectives: Quantifiers /Comparative or Superlative?
So / Neither / Too
Verbs + Infinitive or –ING
Permission, Obligation, Prohibition
Prepositions of Time / Prepositions of Place
Prepositions of Movement
Relative Clauses
Word Order: Asking Questions

More Topics

Direct and Indirect Questions
Two Forms of “Used to”
Too and Enough
Some / Any / No
Subject-Verb Agreement
First Conditional, Second Conditional
Should / Could / Would
Past Perfect
Present Perfect or Past Perfect?
Passive Voice: Present / Past
Reported Speech: Statements
Reported Speech: Requests, Orders, Questions

Abstract from the Book

Talking about the English
Linking words help you connect the ideas in a sentence. In this lesson, you’ll learn some common linking words to express reasons and results.
The English language has so many irregular verbs that it can make you go crazy… but even irregular verbs follow some patterns. In this lesson, you’ll learn “groups” of irregular verbs that can make it easier to memorize them.

English Grammar Book PDF

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