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An infinite is a verb that works as a noun and pro-Noun in sentence. The PDF Notes of Non-finite Verb in English grammar is given below for download.

A non-finite verb is a verb form that does not show tense. In other words, you cannot tell if a sentence is in the past tense, present tense, or future tense by looking at a non-finite verb. Therefore, a non-finite verb is never the main verb in a sentence. (That’s a finite verb.) There are three types of non-finite verbs:

  • Gerunds (e.g., “baking,” “singing”).
  • Infinitives (e.g., “to bake,” “to sing”).
  • Participles. There are two types:
    • Present Participles (e.g., “baking,” “singing”).
    • Past Participles (e.g., “baked,” “sung”).

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