SSC Reasoning TCS MCQ PDF Download

SSC CGL, CHSL Reasoning Previous Year Questions (PYQ) MCQ pinnacle book PDF from the online test conducted on TCS exam system, for free download. The Bilingual ( English and Hindi) question with answer and solution are categories for easy and systematic study of upcoming competitive exams.

Pinnacle 4500 TCS MCQ Book

This book is the collection of all previous year SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO exam Reasoning Questions. All the solved MCQs are categories in following topics.

  1. Analogy verbal – सादृश्य मौखिक
  2. Odd One Out – असमान्य
  3. Coding-Decoding – कोडिंग-डिकोडिंग
  4. Series – श्रंखला (Alphabets and numbers)
  5. Missing Number – लुप्त संख्या
  6. Statements and Conclusion – कथन और निष्कर्ष
  7. Blood Relation – रक्त संबंध रीजनिंग
  8. Venn Diagram – वेन आरेख
  9. Dice and Cube – पासा और घन
  10. Sitting Arrangement – बैठक व्यवस्था
  11. Direction Sense – दिशा
  12. Arithmetic Reasoning – अंकगणितीय तर्क
  13. Mathematical Operations – गणितीय संचालन
  14. Word Arrangement – शब्द व्यवस्था
  15. Age related problems- आयु
  16. Calendar – कैलेंडर
  17. Series Non Verbal – गैर-मौखिक श्रंखला
  18. Counting of Figures – आकृतियों की गिनती
  19. Paper Cut/Fold – कागज़ काटना/मोड़ना
  20. Embedded Figure – अंतर्निहित आकृति
  21. Completion of Figure – आकृति की पूर्णता
  22. Mirror/Water Image – दर्पण/जल प्रतिबिंब
SSC Reasoning TCS MCQ

Download : SSC Reasoning TCS MCQ PDF

Name : SSC Reasoning Book
4500 TCS MCQ
Subject : Reasoning
For use SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC, CHSL, SSC MTS competitive exams
All TCS Questions asked in SSC Exams till March 2021
Chapter Wise Coverage
Medium : English & Hindi (Bilingual)
Number of pages : 548

Free download the SSC Reasoning book from the below link:

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