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Antonyms for Competitive Exams

1. Bizarre
(a) Droll
(b) Ridiculous
(c) Ordinary
(d) Comical
Explanation: Bizarre: very or unusual; weird. Ordinary: not unusual.
Hence, the correct option is (c).

2. Concur
(a) Agree
(b) Weak
(c) Praise
(d) Disagree
Explanation: Concur: to agree
Hence, the correct option is (d).

3. Hostile
(a) Joyful
(b) Helpful
(c) Friendly
(d) Violent
Explanation: Hostile (Adjective): very unfriendly or aggressive and ready to argue or fight; opposed to.
Hence, the correct option is (c).

4. Repulsive
(a) Disgusting
(b) Attractive
(c) Unpleasant
(d) Hateful
Explanation: Repulsive (Adjective): causing somebody move away; causing dislike; disgusting.
Hence, the correct option is (b).

5. Superfluous
(a) Essential
(b) Excess
(c) Unwanted
(d) Necessary
Explanation: Superfluous (Adjective): unnecessary; more than you need or want; excess.
(1) Essential (Adjective): necessary, vital
Hence, the correct option is (d).

6. Pompous
(a) Uppish
(b) Humble
(c) Meek
(d) Grandiose
Explanation: Pompous: pretentious; showing; grandiose. Humble: modest; no showing.
Hence, the correct option is (b).

(a) Narrow
(b) International
(c) Global
(d) World wide
Explanation: Parochial: concerned with petty Issues and overlooks important things.
(1) Narrow: limited in a way
(2) International: connected with two or more countries.
(3) Global: covering or affecting the whole world; considering or including all parts of something.
(4) Worldwide: affecting all parts of the world.
Hence, the correct option is (c).

(a) Love
(b) Lust
(c) Luck
(d) Loss
Explanation: Animosity: a feeling of hatred; hostility
(1) Love: a feeling of affection
(2) Lust: sexual desire
(3) Luck: something by chance
(4) Loss: the state of no longer having something
Hence, the correct option is (a).

(a) Influx
(b) Home
(c) Return
(d) Restoration
Explanation: Exodus: a situation in which many people leave a place at the same time.
(1) Influx: a lot of people, money or things arriving somewhere.
(2) Home-coming: the act of returning home after being away for a long time.
(3) Return: the action of arriving in or coming back to a place that you were in before; reappearance.
(4) Restoration: the act of repairing, cleaning, bringing back a system, a law, etc.; returning something to its correct place, condition or owner.
Hence, the correct option is (a).

(a) Disastrous
(b) Terrifying
(c) Terrible
(d) Interesting
Explanation: Monotonous: never changing and there-fore boring; dull; repetitious.
(1) Disastrous: very bad, harmful or unsuccessful; devastating; catastrophic.
(2) Terrifying: causing extreme terror.
(3) Terrible: very unpleasant; making you feel very unhappy, upset or frightened.
(4) Interesting: attracting your attention because it is special, exciting or unusual.
Hence, the correct option is (d).

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