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Indian Art and Culture, Important GK MCQ Objective Questions PDF for UPSC, SSC, RRB, Bank, UPSSSC PET, NRA CET, Police, and Govt Jobs Competitive Exam is available for free Download.

100 Important Questions on Indian Art and Culture

Repeated on SSC and other Exams with Answers

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Indian Art and Culture Questions PDF

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Some sample Questions

  1. अमीर खुसरो किस शासक के दरबारी कवि थे?
  2. सिखों के किस गुरु का जन्म पटना साहिब में हुआ था?
  3. गिद्धा जो कि एक नृत्य का रूप है, किस राज्य से सम्बन्ध है?
  4. नृत्य नाटक ‘सूरदास’ एवं ‘शकरिया’ किस पेशेवर जाति से सम्बन्ध रखते हैं?
  5. प्राचीन सिक्कों पर वीणा बजाते हुए दिखलाया गया हिन्दू राजा कौन था?
  1. Amir Khusro was the court poet of which ruler?
  2. Which Sikh Guru was born in Patna Sahib?
  3. Giddha, which is a dance form, belongs to which state?
  4. Dance drama ‘Surdas’ and ‘Shakariya’ belong to which professional caste?
  5. Who was the Hindu king shown playing the veena on ancient coins?

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