English Practice book for SSC CGL PDF

English Practice book PDF for SSC CGL exam for free download. SSC CGL English Grammar Exercise Set for the preparation of upcoming exams. Sanctum Publication English Language Practice Set for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO and Bank Competitive Exams.

About the English Practice Set PDF for SSC CGL

Topic wise practice set of English Grammar
As per latest exam pattern and SSC CGL syllabus
Important and repeated previous year question included
Practice questions with answer

Contents of English Practice Book

Basic Grammar Exercises:
Auxiliary Verbs
Causative Structures
Irregular Verbs
Tense -Fill up the blanks
Conditional Sentences
Gerund & Infinitives
Adjective Adverbs

Common Error
Non – Finites
Question Tag

Common Error Mix
Work out I
Work out II
Work out III

Sentence Improvement
One Word Substitution
One word Exercise
Antonymous Synonymous Exercises
Idioms and Proverbs

There are two basic causative structures in a sentence
Active : example: “I had Mike fix my computer”, “I let him go there”
Passive : Example “I had my computer fixed”

Comprehension (50%)+Grammar (15%)+Vocab (15%)+Practice (20%)=100 % English Language Preparation for SSC CGL

Comprehension method Study : (120Marks – SSC Mains) : it is easier to solve Passage, Fill up the blanks, Sentence Improvement, option elimination in vocabulary part, PQRS, Cloze Test etc in SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam. But If you’re following grammar and vocabulary (80 Marks – SSC Mains – Tier 2), then it is a guessing game. You may qualify but success chances is less.

A religious song – Hymn
A remarkable talent – Prodigy
Award given after death – Posthumous
Borrow ideas and steal others words is called -Plagiarism
Fear of school : Scolionophobia
Fear of sex : Genophobia
Fear of speaking : Lalophobia

Download : Sanctum Grammar Revision Exercises

Name : Grammar Revision Exercises
Medium : English
Publisher : Sanctum publication
Number of Pages : 111

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