Export Import Ledger in Tally Prime

Export and Import Ledger Data in XML format from one company to another in Tally Prime. Training Notes, with easy to understand way for Tally learners.

We need to export and Import the data of ledgers of to maintain the same ledgers of a existing company in a new company. Further, copy the transactions up to a specific date from the existing company into the new company. We can export the masters and transactions from the existing company in XML format, and import them into the new company.

Export Masters in Tally Prime (XML Format)

Alt +E > Masters
Type of Masters          :           Ledgers
File Format                  :           XML (Data Interchange)
Export to                     :           Local Drive
Folder Path                  :           C:\Program files\Tally Prime
File Name                    :           Master.xml

Press  E : Send : Data has been exported at desired location. Check the destination folder contains Master.xml file.
Note : Folder Path and File Name may be change by pressing F6    

Import Masters Data in New Company

Create New Company (In which we wat to maintain same ledgers)
Press Alt+O

Import Masters (Only Tally XML format is supported)
File Path             : C:\Program files\Tally Prime
File to import     :        Master.xml
Behavior of import if master already exists: Select as per your requirement
                           Combine opening balance
                           Ignore duplicate
                           Modify with new data

Press Enter to import the data
Check the ledgers and imported data in
Gate way of Tally > charts of Accounts

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