Groups and Ledgers in Tally Prime Notes

Groups and Ledgers in Tally Prime computer training class Notes. Pre defined Groups and Ledgers, Create New, Alter, Credit and Debit amount. Step by Step Notes for Tally training.

Groups in Tally Prime

Pre-Defined Group

Gateway of Tally  > Chart of Account > List of Masters >Groups

There are 28 predefined groups in Tally

15 groups are Primary Groups and the remaining 13 groups are Sub-Groups

1. Branch / Divisions (P)15. Direct Expense (P)
2. Capital Account (P)16. Direct Incomes (P)
3. Reserves & Surplus17. Fixed Assets (P)
4. Current Assets (P)18. Indirect Expenses (P)
5. Bank Accounts19. Indirect Incomes (P)
6. Cash-in-Hand20. Investments (P)
7. Deposits (Asset)21. Loans (Liability) (P)
8. Loans & Advances (Asset)22. Bank OD A/c
9. Stock-in-Hand23. Secured Loans
10. Sundry Debtors24. Unsecured Loans
11. Current Liabilities (P)25. Misc. Expenses (Asset) (P)
12. Duties & Taxes26. Purchase Accounts(P)
13. Provisions27. Sales Accounts (P)
14. Sundry Creditors28. Suspense A/c (P)

Creating Group

Gateway of Tally > Masters > Create > Accounting Masters > Group  

Group NameUnderNature of Group
BuildingFixed Assets
Office EquipmentPrimaryAssets

Check on Gateway of Tally > Chart of Account> Groups


Creating Ledger

By default there is two ledgers

  1. Cash
  2. Profit and Loss A/c

Check the default ledgers Gateway of Tally>Charts of Accounts>Ledgers

Groups and Ledgers in Tally Prime

Gateway of Tally > Masters  > Create >Ledger

Ledger NameGroup Under
Punjab National BankBank Account
State Bank of IndiaBank Account
Petty CashCash in Hand
Opening StockStock in Hand
Suresh SinghSundry Debtors
National Pvt. Ltd.Sundry Debtors
Building CostBuilding (Fixed Assets)
Building Accrued DepBuilding (Fixed Assets)
Office Equipment CostOffice Equipment (Assets)
Office Equipment DepOffice Equipment
Sales TaxDuties & Taxes
T.D.SDuties & Taxes
Shivam KumarSundry Creditors
Sona EnterpriseSundry Creditors
Education Loan Secured Loan
Bill ReceivableCurrent Assets
Computer SalesSales Accounts
Software SalesSales Accounts
Parts SalesSales Accounts
Bank InterestIndirect Incomes
PurchasePurchase Accounts
WagesDirect Expenses
FreightDirect Expenses
SalariesIndirect Expenses
Office ExpensesIndirect Expenses
AdvertisementsIndirect Expenses
Bank ChargesIndirect Expenses
Building DeprecationDeprecation
Office Equipment Accrued DepDeprecation

Ledger Alteration

Gateway of Tally > Masters  > Alter >Ledger

Punjab National Bank35000 
State Bank of India40000 
Petty Cash500 
Opening Stock50000 
Suresh Singh15000 
National Pvt. Ltd.5000 
Building Cost75000 
Building Accrued Dep 6000
Office Equipment Cost25000 
Office Equipment Dep1000 
Sales Tax 9000
T.D.S 4500
Shivam Kumar 32000
Sona Enterprise 20000
Education Loan 60000
Bill Receivable 14000
Computer Sales 72000
Software Sales 75000
Parts Sales 35000
Bank Interest  
Office Expenses3500 
Bank Charges2500 
Building Deprecation2500 
Office Equipment Accrued Dep 80000
  Total  407500  407500

Trial Balance

Gateway of Tally > Display more Reports> Trial Balance > Press F5 (Ledger wise and Group wise)

Thanks for study the Notes on Groups and Ledgers in Tally Prime

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