History Book PDF in English for Competitive Exams

History Book PDF in English for preparation of UPSC, SSC CGL, Bank, UPSSSC Competitive Exams. Paramount History for General Competition by Neetu Singh cover all the topics with important one liners.

Contents Book

Paramount History for General Competition by Neetu Sigh cover following points.

The Prehistoric Period
Indus Valley Civilization (2500 BC – 1500 BC)
Vedic Age (1500 BC – 1000 BC)
Later Vedic Age (1000 BC – 600 BC)
The rise of the Magadha Kingdom (600 to 300 BC)
Religious Movements
The Mauryan Empire (325-183 BC)
Pre Gupta Period
The Age of the Guptas
The Post-Gupta Period
The Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526 AD)
Religious Movement of Medieval Age
The Coming of the Mughals
The Advent of Europeans

For UPSC and SSC Exams, candidates need to cover a wide range of topics in history. This comprehensive history book for general competition cover the following topics:

  1. Ancient History:
    • Indus Valley Civilization
    • Vedic Age
    • Maurya and Gupta Empires
    • Post-Gupta Period
    • Early Medieval India
  2. Medieval History:
    • Delhi Sultanate
    • Mughal Empire
    • Vijayanagara and Bahmani Kingdoms
    • Bhakti and Sufi Movements
    • Advent of Europeans and Establishment of British Rule
  3. Modern History:
    • Advent of Europeans in India
    • British Expansion in India
    • Socio-Religious Reform Movements
    • Indian National Movement (1857-1947)
    • Partition of India and Independence
  4. World History:
    • Renaissance and Reformation
    • Industrial Revolution
    • French Revolution
    • World Wars and their impact
    • Decolonization and Cold War
  5. Indian Art and Culture:
    • Architecture (Indus Valley, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Colonial)
    • Sculpture and Painting (Cave Architecture, Mural Paintings, Miniature Paintings)
    • Dance Forms (Classical and Folk)
    • Music (Classical and Folk)
    • Literature (Ancient, Medieval, Modern)

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Book Name : History for General Competition
Subject : History
Publisher : Paramount Reader Publication
Author : Neetu Singh
Medium : English
Number of pages : 49

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