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List of Waterfalls in India PDF

List of famous waterfalls in India PDF for free download. Name of natural waterfalls, with location state, height and important features, useful for competitive exam compiled below :

List of Waterfalls in India

Waterfalls in IndiaLocationHeight Metre/FeetFeature
Kunchikal FallsShimoga district, Karnataka455 metres (1,493 ft)Tiered, Highest waterfall in India
Barehipani FallsMayurbhanj district, Odisha399 metres (1,309 ft)2 tiered waterfalls
Nohkalikai FallsEast Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya340m (1115 feet)tallest plunge type waterfalls
Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai FallsEast Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya315 metres (1,033 ft)segmented type waterfalls
Dudhsagar FallsKarnataka and Goa310 m(1017 feet)4 tiered waterfalls
Kynrem FallsEast Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya305 metres (1,001 ft)3 tiered waterfalls
Meenmutty FallsWayanad district, Kerala300 metres (984 feet)3 tiered waterfalls/ segmented type
Thalaiyar FallsBatlagundu, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu297 metres (974 ft)horsetail type waterfalls
Vajrai FallsSatara district, Maharashtra260 metres (853 ft)3 tiered, 2nd tallest plunge type waterfall
Barkana FallsShimoga district, Karnataka259 metres (850 ft)tiered waterfalls
Jog FallsShimoga district, Karnataka253 metres (830 ft)cascade waterfalls
Khandadhar FallsKendujhar district & Sundergarh district, Odisha244 metres (801 ft)Horse tail type falls
Vantawng FallsSerchhip district, Mizoram229 metres (751 ft)2 tiered waterfalls
Kune FallsPune district, Maharashtra200 metres (660 ft)3 tiered waterfalls
Soochipara Falls, Thoseghar WaterfallsWayanad district, Kerala, Satara district Maharashtra200 metres (656 feet)3 tiered waterfalls
Magod FallsUttara Kannada district, Karnataka198 metres (650 ft)2 tiered/Segmented waterfalls
Joranda FallsMayurbhanj district, Odisha181 metres (594 ft)plunge type waterfalls
Hebbe FallsChikkamagaluru district, Karnataka168 metres (551 ft)2 tiered waterfalls
Duduma Fallsthe border of Koraput (Odisha) and Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)157 metres (515 ft)plunge type waterfalls
Palani FallsKullu district, Himachal Pradesh150 metres (490 ft)Surge waterfalls
Lodh FallsLatehar district, Jharkhand143 metres (469 ft)2 tiered waterfalls
Bahuti FallsMauganj, Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh198 metres (650 ft)2 tiered waterfalls, tallest waterfall in madhya Pradesh
Bishop FallsEast Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya135 metres (443 ft)3 tiered waterfalls
Chachai FallsRewa district, Madhya Pradesh130 metres (430 ft)on bihad river, comes down from Rewa Plateau
Keoti FallsRewa district, Madhya Pradesh130 metres (430 ft)segmented type waterfall
Kalhatti FallsChikkamagaluru district, Karnataka122 metres (400 ft)
Beadon FallsEast Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya120 metres (390 ft)3 tiered waterfall, twin of Bishop Falls
Keppa FallsUttara Kannada district, Karnataka116 metres (381 ft)fan type waterfall
Koosalli FallsUdupi, Karnataka116 metres (381 ft)6 tiered waterfall
Dabbe fallsShivamogga, Sagar, Karnataka110 metres(360 ft)
Pandavgad FallsThane, Maharashtra107 metres (351 ft)Plunge waterfall
Rajat PrapatHoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh107 metres (351 ft)horsetail type waterfall
Bundla Fallskaimur district bihar100 metres (330 ft)
Vantawng FallsSerchhip district, Mizoram230 metres (750 ft)2 tiered waterfalls
Shivanasamudra FallsChamarajanagar District, Karnataka98 metres (322 ft)segmented type
Lower Ghaghri FallsLatehar district, Jharkhand98 metres (322 ft)cascade waterfalls
Hundru FallsRanchi district, Jharkhand98 metres (322 ft)segmented type
Sweet FallsEast Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya96 metres (315 ft)horsetail type
Agaya GangaiNamakkal, Tamil Nadu92 metres (302 ft)1 tiered/segmented waterfalls
Gatha FallsPanna district, Madhya Pradesh91 metres (299 ft)
Teerathgarh FallsBaster district, Chhattisgarh91 metres (299 ft)Block type Waterfall
Kiliyur FallsYercaud, Tamil Nadu91 metres (299 ft)fan type waterfall
Kudumari FallsUdupi district, Karnataka91 metres (299 ft)horsetail type waterfall
Muthyala Maduvu FallsBangalore rural district, Karnataka91 metres (299 ft)
Tirathgarh FallsBastar district, Chhattisgarh91 metres (299 ft)horsetail type waterfall
Langshiang FallsWest Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya85 metres (279 ft)
Talakona fallsChittoor district, Andhra Pradesh82 metres (269 ft)highest waterfall in andhra pradesh
Kakolat FallsNawada district, Bihar50 metres (160 ft)cataract waterfall
Athirappilly FallsThrissur district, Kerala25 metres (82 ft)Block/Segmented type waterfall

Question : Which is the highest waterfall in India? 

Kunchikal Falls : height of 455 Metres (1,493 Feets)
Location : Shimoga District of Karnataka 

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