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Power of Vedic Maths Book PDF with Trigonometry by Atul Gupta for free download. Mathematics Problem solving Technique for CAT, CET, and other Competitive Exams. One of the best seller book with more than 1000 solved and practice problem.

About the Vedic Maths Book by Atul Gupta

Vedic Maths techniques are derived from 16 sutras (verses) in the Vedas, which are thousands of years old and among the earliest literature of ancient India. Vedas are an endless source of knowledge and wisdom, they providing practical knowledge in all spheres of life. Swami Sri Bharati Krshna Tirthaji was a scholar who discovered the 16 sutras in the Vedas and spent 8 years in their intense study in Mathematics. Swami ji study consisting of a set of unique and magnificent methods for solving mathematical problems in areas like arithmetic, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry. These techniques are easy to learn and understand. Indians mathematician made fundamental contributions to mathematics in the form of the decimal numerals, zero and infinity.

Table of Contents this book

Two Simple Techniques – Subtraction and Multiplication
Operations with 9 – Computation of remainder on division by 9
Operations with 11 – Divisibility test of numbers by 11 : Multiplication with 111
Multiplication (Nikhilam)
Multiplication (Urdhva Tiryak)
Division by flag of one digit
Simple Squares
Square of Any Number
Square Root of a Number
Cubes and Cube Roots
Trigonometry – Triplet, compounding trigonometric ratio of twice the angle and half the angle.
Auxiliary Fractions
Mishrank or Vinculum – conversion and application
Simultaneous Equations
Osculator – Positive and Negative
Applications of Vedic Maths
Practice Problems with Answers

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Name : Power of Vedic Math’s Book PDF
Medium : English
Book Author : Atul Gupta
Publisher : Jaco Publication
Number of Pages : 170

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