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Tally Prime and ERP9 Shortcut Keys PDF for free download. Short Cut keys are very useful to speed up and finish the work accurately in this accounting software. If you are going for accounting related job interview, the knowledge of Tally Shortcut key is must. Your proficiency is assessed based on the how fast you are accessing information from the tally.

Therefore, we compiled all the shortcut key below and provide the PDF at the end of this post.

Tally Shortcut Key

Tally Prime Shortcut KeyAction
EscTo go back to the previous screen by closing the currently open screen
To remove inputs that is provided/selected for a field
F11To open Company Features screen
Ctrl+Up/DownTo move to the first/last menu in a section
Ctrl + Left/RightTo move to the left-most/right-most drop-down top menu
Home & Page UpTo move from any line to the first line in a list
HomeTo from any point in a field to the beginning of the text in that field
End & Page DownTo move from any line to the last line in a list
EndTo move from any point in a field to the end of the text in that field
Up arrowTo move one line up in a list
To move to the previous field
Down arrowTo move one line down in a list
To move to the next field
Left arrowTo move:
One position left in a text field
To the previous column on the left
To the previous menu on the left
Right arrowTo move:
One position right in a text field
To the next column on the right
To the next menu on the right
Ctrl + Alt + RTo rewrite data
Alt+F4To quit the application
Ctrl + Alt + BTo view the build information
Ctrl + Alt + TTo view TDL/Add-on details
+To navigate to the next artifact in the context
To increment the Report date or next report in a sequence of reports displayed
To navigate to the previous artifact in the context
To decrement Report date or previous report in a sequence of reports displayed
Ctrl + ATo accept or save a screen
Alt + EnterTo expand or collapse a group in a table
Ctrl+EndTo move to the last field or last line
Ctrl+HomeTo move to the first field or first line
Ctrl+NTo open or hide calculator panel
Ctrl+QTo exit a screen or the application

Hidden Keys – Reports

Alt+ITo insert a voucher in a report
Alt+2To create an entry in the report, by duplicating a voucher
EnterTo drill down from a line in a report
Alt+DTo delete an entry from a report
Alt+ATo add a voucher in a report
Alt+XTo cancel a voucher from a report
Ctrl+RTo remove an entry from a report
Alt+TTo hide or show the details in a table
Alt+UTo display all hidden line entries, if they were removed
Ctrl+UTo display the last hidden line (If multiple lines were hidden, pressing this shortcut repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first and follow the sequence)
Shift+EnterTo expand or collapse information in a report
Ctrl+EnterTo alter a master during voucher entry or from drill-down of a report
Space barTo select/deselect a line in a report
Shift+SpacebarTo select or deselect a line in a report
Shift+Up/DownTo perform linear selection/deselection multiple lines in a report
Ctrl+SpacebarTo select or deselect all lines in a report
Ctrl+Shift+EndTo select or deselect lines till the end
Ctrl+Shift+HomeTo select or deselect lines till the top
Ctrl+Alt+ITo invert selection of line items in a report

Hidden Keys – Vouchers

only Voucher
Alt+RTo retrieve Narration from the previous ledger
Alt+CTo open the calculator panel from Amount field
Alt+DTo delete a voucher/transaction
Alt+XTo cancel a voucher
Alt+VTo open a manufacturing journal from the Quantity field of a journal voucher
Ctrl+DTo remove item/ledger line in a voucher
Ctrl+RTo retrieve the Narration from the previous voucher, for the same voucher type.
Masters & Vouchers
TabTo go to the next input field
Shift+TabTo go to the previous input field
BackspaceTo remove the value typed
Alt+CTo create a master, on the fly
Alt+CTo open the calculator panel
To insert the base currency symbol in an input field.
Page UpTo open the previously saved master or voucher
To scroll up in reports
Page DownTo open the next master or voucher
To scroll down in reports
To copy text from an input field
To paste input copied from a text field.

Other Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut KeyLocation in Tally PrimeAction
Alt+GTop menuTo primarily open a report, and create masters and vouchers in the flow of work.
Ctrl+GTop menuTo switch to a different report, and create masters and vouchers in the flow of work.
Alt+KTop menuTo open Company top menu
Right buttonF3To switch to another company from the list of open companies
Right buttonAlt+F3To select and open another company located in the same folder or other data paths
Right buttonCtrl+F3To shut the currently loaded companies
Top menuCtrl+F1To open TallyHelp topic based on the context of the screen that is open
Right buttonF12To open the list of configurations applicable for the report/view
Top menuAlt+KTo open the company menu with the list of actions related to managing your company
Top menuAlt+YTo open the list of actions applicable to managing the company data
Top menuAlt+ZTo open the list of actions applicable to sharing or exchanging your company data
Top menuAlt+OTo open the import menu for importing masters, transaction, and bank statements
Top menuAlt+MTo open the e-mail menu for sending transactions or reports
Top menuAlt+PTo open the print menu for printing transactions or reports.
Top menuAlt+ETo open the export menu for exporting masters, transactions, or reports
Top menuF1To open the Help menu
Top menuCtrl+F1To open TallyHelp topic based on the context of the screen that is open
Top menuCtrl+KTo select the display language that is applicable across all screens
Top menuCtrl+WTo select the data entry language that is applicable to all screens


Right buttonAlt+F1
To view the report in detailed or condensed format
Right buttonAlt+VTo open the GST Portal
Right buttonAlt+CTo add a new column
Right buttonAlt+ATo alter a column
Right buttonAlt+DTo delete a column
Right buttonAlt+NTo auto repeat columns
Right buttonAlt+F12To filter data in a report, with a selected range of conditions
Right buttonCtrl+F12To calculate balances using vouchers that satisfy the selected conditions
Right buttonCtrl+BTo views values in different ways in a report
Right buttonCtrl+HTo change view – display report details in different views
To navigate to Voucher View from Summary reports
To navigate to post-dated cheque related transactions report
Right buttonCtrl+JTo view the exceptions related to a report
Tally Shortcut Keys PDF


F4To open Contra voucher
F5To open Payment voucher
F6To open Receipt voucher
F7To open Journal voucher
Alt+F7To open Stock Journal voucher
Ctrl+F7To open Physical Stock
F8To open Sales voucher
Alt+F8To open Delivery Note
Order VouchersCtrl+F8To open Sales Order
F9To open Purchase voucher
Alt+F9To open Receipt Note
Order VouchersCtrl+F9To open Purchase Order
Alt+F6To open Credit Note
Alt+F5To open Debit Note
Payroll VouchersCtrl+F4To open Payroll voucher
Ctrl+F6To open Rejection In voucher
Ctrl+F5To open Rejection Out voucher
VouchersF10To view list of all vouchers
Right buttonCtrl+TTo mark a voucher as Post-Dated
Right buttonCtrl+FTo autofill details
Right buttonCtrl+HTo change mode – open vouchers in different modes
Right buttonAlt+STo open the Stock Query report for the selected stock item
Right buttonCtrl+LTo mark a voucher as Optional

Masters & Vouchers

Right buttonCtrl+ITo add more details to a master or voucher for the current instance

Vouchers & Reports

Top menuCtrl+ETo export the current voucher or report
Top menuCtrl+MTo e-mail the current voucher or report
Top menuCtrl+PTo print the current voucher or report
Right buttonAlt+JTo define stat adjustments
Tally Shortcut Keys PDF

Masters, Vouchers, & Reports

Right buttonF2To change the date of voucher entry or period for reports
Right buttonAlt+F2To change the date of voucher entry or period for reports


Top menuAlt+ZTo synchronise data

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