Trick to Remember Alphabet Position for Reasoning Questions

Trick to remember/ learn the English Alphabet letters Number/ Place Value / Position/ Rank in normal and revers order is very essential to solve the coding decoding, analogy questions of Reasoning. Tricks has been explained in Hindi with the help of real life examples.

Alphabet and Their Position : Trick to Remember

First 4 letters, every body know, therefore no trick required.

Trick to Remember Alphabet Position

Multiple of 5

Remember word EJOTY


“EJOTY”. Rank of E is 5

  • F for Fix and Fix and “Six” are rhyming words
  • G”. Everybody knows G-7 Nations.
  • H looks like 8
  • In cursive writing, it looks like 9

“EJOTY”. Rank of J is 10

  • J & K = Jammu and Kashmir J-10 & K-11
  • Speak together “L Twelve” Sounds like Homonyms
  • Middle most letter in the series is “M” 26/2 =13
  • November 14 is Children`s Day.

“EJOTY”. Rank of O is 15

  • Reverse of P looks like 6 – P-16
  • Q – Queen 17 pe Khatra (खतरा)
  • R – Raja, Raja is one year older than Queen / राजा, रानी से एक वर्ष बड़ा है 17+1 = 18
  • UNISSSS – 19 – Stress on S / S for सैनिक – क्वीन -17 , राजा – 18 के बाद सैनिक -19

“EJOTY”. Rank of T is 20T-20 Cricket Match

  • U are a graduate(21) – Normally a person complete Graduation at the age of 21
  • V for Victory. A person requires two fingers to represent Victory. V- 22
  • 90 degree Anti-clock wise letter “W”, it looks like 3, its rank is “23”.
  • X, it is being divided into four parts. Rank of letter “X” is 24. 

“EJOTY”. Rank of letter “Y” is 25.

  • Z is last Word – 26

Opposite of Alphabet

If Sum of two letters is 27, means They are opposite.
यदि दो अक्षरों का योग 27 है, तो वे विपरीत हैं।


Opposite of E (5) is 27-5 = 22 (V)
Same way, Opposite of T(20) is 27-20 = 7 (G)
Opposite of I (9) is 27-9 = 18 (R)

Tricks To Remember Opposite Of Alphabet

C-XCarbon- Xenon, CraX
D-WDost-Wife. DeW
E-VElectron-Volt, EVen
F-UFor You
G-TGrand-Trunk ( Road)
H-SHam-Sab, HONEY SINGH, Hand Some
I-RIndian Rail
J-QJab Qyamat, Jungle Queen
K-PKal- Parso, Kamla Pasand
L-OLife OK, LOve
M-NManzil Nayi, MaN

Extra Trick to Remember

UF LOVE SHIRT G   – U-F, L-O, V-E,S-H, I-R, T-G ( All are opposite)

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