Verb forms with Hindi meaning PDF

1000 + Three forms of Verb (V1, V2 and V3) with Hindi meaning PDF for free download. The English grammar document is very useful for preparation of SSC CGL, CHSL, bank and all competitive exams.

The base form, past tense (2nd form), and past participle (3rd form) of some common English verbs along with their Hindi meanings:

Verb forms with Hindi meaning PDF
  1. Go
    • Base form: Go
    • Past tense (2nd form): Went
    • Past participle (3rd form): Gone
    • Hindi: जाना (Jana)
  2. Eat
    • Base form: Eat
    • Past tense (2nd form): Ate
    • Past participle (3rd form): Eaten
    • Hindi: खाना (Khana)
  3. Write
    • Base form: Write
    • Past tense (2nd form): Wrote
    • Past participle (3rd form): Written
    • Hindi: लिखना (Likna)
  4. Speak
    • Base form: Speak
    • Past tense (2nd form): Spoke
    • Past participle (3rd form): Spoken
    • Hindi: बोलना (Bolna)
  5. Read
    • Base form: Read
    • Past tense (2nd form): Read (pronounced as “red” in past tense)
    • Past participle (3rd form): Read (pronounced as “red” in past participle)
    • Hindi: पढ़ना (Padhna)
  6. Sleep
    • Base form: Sleep
    • Past tense (2nd form): Slept
    • Past participle (3rd form): Slept
    • Hindi: सोना (Sona)
  7. Take
    • Base form: Take
    • Past tense (2nd form): Took
    • Past participle (3rd form): Taken
    • Hindi: लेना (Lena)
  8. Give
    • Base form: Give
    • Past tense (2nd form): Gave
    • Past participle (3rd form): Given
    • Hindi: देना (Dena)
  9. See
    • Base form: See
    • Past tense (2nd form): Saw
    • Past participle (3rd form): Seen
    • Hindi: देखना (Dekhna)
  10. Understand
    • Base form: Understand
    • Past tense (2nd form): Understood
    • Past participle (3rd form): Understood
    • Hindi: समझना (Samajhna)
  1. Break
    • Base form: Break
    • Past tense (2nd form): Broke
    • Past participle (3rd form): Broken
    • Hindi: तोड़ना (Todna)
  2. Meet
    • Base form: Meet
    • Past tense (2nd form): Met
    • Past participle (3rd form): Met
    • Hindi: मिलना (Milna)

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