Word Power Made Easy Book PDF Free Download

Word Power Made Easy Book PDF for Free Download. This Norman Lewis Book is very simple, step-by-step method that will increase your knowledge and mastery of the English Language. You will learn Speak and write with confidence, Read more effectively and efficiently, Learn quickly, Develop social contacts and Increase your earning power.

Word Power Made Easy Book PDF
Word Power Made Easy Book PDF

Content of Book

How to Use This Word Power Book for Maximum Benefit
About the book and Why to read it
How to learn : pronounce the new words correctly
What is etymological approach : How it works better than any other method for learning words quickly and permanently
What is nouns, verbs, Adjectives and adverbs : How to master all in five to ten minutes
Further, implement psychological principles of learning to sharpen your verbal skills

Test your present Vocabulary : How to do ?
Vocabulary growth of the adult compares with the children
A simple is below average, average, above average, excellent or superior in range verbal speech and responsiveness
important evidence of the close relationship between vocabulary and success

Build Your Vocabulary
How building your vocabulary is important to enrich your thinking
Better vocabulary Increase your self-assurance in speaking, writing and give you better understanding of the world and of yourself
Why it is necessary for learner to recapture the “powerful urge to learn”
How your age makes little difference
This book is designed to build a college-size vocabulary in maximum two to three months

How to Talk about Personality Types
Talk About Doctors ?
How to Talk About Various Practitioners ?
Talk About Science and Scientists ?
How to Talk About Liars and Lying ?
Check your Progress: Comprehensive ?
How to Talk About Action ?
Talk About Various Speech Habits ?
How to Insult your Enemies ?
How to Flatter Your Friends ?
Check your Progress ? : Comprehensive exercise
Talk about the Common Phenomena, incidents, Occurrences ?
How to Talk What Goes On ?
Talk About a Variety of Personal Characteristics of any person or thing?
How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive ?
How to Check Your Standing as an Amateur Etymologist ?
And at last How to Keep Building Your Vocabulary regularly

Download Word Power Made Easy Book PDF

Name : Word Power Made Easy
Books By : Norman Lewis
Medium : English
Number of Pages : 562

Thanks for visit and download Word Power Made Easy Book. This useful for competitive exams.

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  1. This is a great post. I have been struggling with word power for a while now and this post has really helped me.

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