Data Entry Operator Course PDF Book Download

Data Entry Operator Course book PDF Download for free Download. Data Entry Basic includes use of Keyboard, Typing Speed, Data validation and LibreOffice. This book by NCERT is as per latest syllabus of CBSE and NIELIT. All the competitive exams required computer knowledge is following the approved NIELIT syllabus. Therefore, this book is very useful for SSC MTS, CHSL, LDC, UDC, Banks and other official job exams.

Contents of Data Entry book

About the Key Board
Punctuation Keys
Alt Key
Arrow Keys
Shift or Alt Keys
Backspace Key
Caps Lock Key
Control – Ctrl Key
Delete Key
Enter Key or Return Key
Esc Key
Function Keys
Numeric Keypad
Home Keys
Guide Keys

Data Entry Operator Course PDF

Learning Typing
Typing Capital Letters
Typing Symbols
Typing Sentences
Creating new lines and spaces between paragraphs
Guide for Typing
Pointing Devices
Typing Ergonomics
Using numeric keypad
Successful Keyboarding tips
Using Typing Software
Touch Typing Technique
How to interpret your results
View and analyse statistics
Detailed Lesson Statistics
Working with lesson editor
Calculating the typing speed
Good typing speed

Libre Office
LibreOffice writer word processer
Electronic Spreadsheet
Starting LibreOffice Calc
Parts of LibreOffice Calc
Mathematical operators used in formulae
Formulae with cell addresses and operators
Use of functions to do calculations
Commonly used basic functions in Calc
Formatting the worksheet
Use of dialog boxes to format vales
Formatting a range of cells to be seen as labels
Formatting of a cell range as scientific
Formatting a range of cells to display times
Formatting alignment of cell range
Speeding up data entry
Using the fill handle
Starting LibreOffice Impress
Closing LibreOffice Impress
Creating a presentation Using Template
Working with tables
Grouping Objects
Adding Transitions

Download : Data Entry Operator Course book

Name : Data Entry Operator book
Medium : English
Number of pages : 161

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