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General Science MCQ Objective Questions and Answers PDF in English for free Download. This book contains 1400 MCQ Practice Question with explanation. Collection of previous year questions from NDA, CDS, AFCAT Competitive Exams. This book is very useful for upcoming SSC CGL, CHSL, UPSC NDA, CDS, UPSSSC PET and other Govt jobs examinations.

Contents of General Science MCQ PDF

A Brief Overview of General Science
General Science at a Glance

Multiple Choice Questions MCQ with Answer and Explanation
General Science – Physics
Chemistry : General Science
General Science – Biology

General Science Practice Quiz :

Previous Year Questions with Solutions
NDA/NA Examination : Previous Year Questions
Previous Year Questions from CDS Examination
Previous Year Questions from AFCAT Examination

What are the Characteristics of living things:

  • The basic units of living things are cells. These cells contain a nucleus, protoplasm and cell membranes. They form the basic characteristics of living beings.
  • Living things obtain and use energy in ways like photosynthesis, metabolisms etc
  • They grow and develop.
  • They reproduce the like themselves.
  • They interact with the external environment and respond to external stimuli.
  • Living things adapt to their environment for survival.

Which among the following is measured by an Odometer?
[1] Pressure
[2] Height
[3] Distance
[4] Velocity
Answer: 3 [Distance]

Cassiterite is an ore of which of the following ?
[1] Iron
[2] Zinc
[3] Copper
[4] Tin
Answer: 4[Tin]- Cassiterite is SnO2 or Tin Oxide

Reserpine is an example of which kind of drug?
1. Narcotic
2. Anti-histamine
3. Tranquillizer
4. None
Answer: 3 Tranquillizer

Water at 4 degree centigrade has____?
1. minimum density
2. maximum density
3. No density
4. None of the above
Answer: 2 maximum density

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