Important Full Forms for Competitive Exams PDF Download

List of all Important Full Forms for Competitive Exams, with PDF for free download is provided in this post. This GK information is useful for preparation of SSC, UPSC, Bank and other govt jobs examinations.

List of Important Full Forms

  1. AI: Artificial Intelligence
  2. ASAP: As Soon As Possible
  3. ATM: Automated Teller Machine
  4. CEO: Chief Executive Officer
  5. CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
  6. CPU: Central Processing Unit
  7. DIY: Do It Yourself
  8. DVD: Digital Versatile Disc
  9. FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation
  10. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
  11. GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
  12. GPS: Global Positioning System
  13. HTML: Hypertext Markup Language
  14. HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
  15. IBM: International Business Machines Corporation
  16. IQ: Intelligence Quotient
  17. IRS: Internal Revenue Service
  18. ISP: Internet Service Provider
  19. JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
  20. LAN: Local Area Network
  21. LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
  22. NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  23. NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  24. PDF: Portable Document Format
  25. PIN: Personal Identification Number
  26. RAM: Random Access Memory
  27. SMS: Short Message Service
  28. TBA: To Be Announced
  29. UNICEF: United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
  30. URL: Uniform Resource Locator
  31. USB: Universal Serial Bus
  32. VIP: Very Important Person
  33. VPN: Virtual Private Network
  34. WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network
  35. WiFi: Wireless Fidelity
  36. WWW: World Wide Web
  37. 3D: Three-Dimensional
  38. 4G: Fourth Generation
  39. 5G: Fifth Generation
  40. AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
  41. AMA: Ask Me Anything
  42. API: Application Programming Interface
  43. AR: Augmented Reality
  44. B2B: Business-to-Business
  45. B2C: Business-to-Consumer
  46. CAD: Computer-Aided Design
  47. CEO: Chief Executive Officer
  48. COBOL: Common Business-Oriented Language
  49. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
  50. DNS: Domain Name System
  51. EOD: End Of Day
  52. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  53. GDP: Gross Domestic Product
  54. GUI: Graphical User Interface
  55. HTML: Hypertext Markup Language
  56. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  57. ICU: Intensive Care Unit
  58. JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
  59. KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  60. LAN: Local Area Network
  61. LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
  62. LED: Light-Emitting Diode
  63. MBA: Master of Business Administration
  64. MP3: MPEG Audio Layer III
  65. NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement
  66. OCR: Optical Character Recognition
  67. P2P: Peer-to-Peer
  68. PAN: Permanent Account Number
  69. PC: Personal Computer
  70. PDF: Portable Document Format
  71. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  72. PIN: Personal Identification Number
  73. PNG: Portable Network Graphics
  74. PPP: Purchasing Power Parity
  75. QR Code: Quick Response Code
  76. RAM: Random Access Memory
  77. ROI: Return On Investment
  78. RSS: Really Simple Syndication
  79. SaaS: Software as a Service
  80. SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  81. SIM: Subscriber Identity Module
  82. SQL: Structured Query Language
  83. SSD: Solid State Drive
  84. TBA: To Be Announced
  85. TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  86. UFO: Unidentified Flying Object
  87. URL: Uniform Resource Locator
  88. USB: Universal Serial Bus
  89. VPN: Virtual Private Network
  90. VR: Virtual Reality
  91. WIFI: Wireless Fidelity
  92. XML: Extensible Markup Language
  93. ZIP Code: Zone Improvement Plan Code
  94. API: Application Programming Interface
  95. B2B: Business-to-Business
  96. B2C: Business-to-Consumer
  97. CAD: Computer-Aided Design
  98. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
  99. DNS: Domain Name System

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