Indian Air Force X and Y Group Book PDF Download

Indian Air Force Airman X and Y Group Book PDF for free Download. Two Books PDF for the preparation of Airman recruitment exam, contains English, Maths and Science, Solved Previous Year Exam Question Paper with detail explanation are given below.

Air Force Group X (Technical) Book PDF

Content of Book
Part – 1

Antonyms and Synonyms
One Word Substitution
Correct Usage of Articles
Correct Usage of Prepositions
Correct Usage of Adjective Degree of Composition
Correct Usage of Adverbs
Correct Usage of Conjunctions
Correct Usage of Noun, Pronoun and Numbers
Correct Usage of Adjectives
Words, Which are Commonly getting Confused
Word Order

Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs
Direct and Indirect Speech
Active and Passive Voice

Part – 2
बीजगणित (Algebra)
समुच्चय (Sets)
सम्बन्ध (Relation)
समिश्र संख्याएँ (Complex Numbers)
समान्तर श्रेढ़ी (Arithmetic Progression)
गुणोत्तर श्रेढ़ी (Geometric Progression)
क्रमचय और संचय (Permutations and Combinations)
द्विघातीय समीकरण (Quadratic Equations)
द्विपद प्रमेय (Binomial Theorem)

Part – 3
भौतिक जगत तथा मापन (Physical World and Measurement)
शुद्धगतिकी (Kinematics)
गति विषयक नियम (Law of Motion)
कार्य, ऊर्जा तथा शक्ति (Work, Energy and Power)
दृढ़ पिण्ड तथा कणों के निकाय की गति (Motion of Rigid Body and System of Particles)
गुरुत्वाकर्षण (Gravitation)
स्थूल दृव्य के गुण (Properties of Bulk Matter)
ऊष्मागतिकी (Thermodynamics)
आदर्श गैस का व्यवहार तथा गैसों का अनुगति सिद्दान्त (Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory of Gases)
दोलन एवं तरंगे (Oscillation and Waves)
स्थिर विद्युतिकी (Electro-statics)
धारा वैद्युत (Current Electricity)
वैद्युत धारा के चुम्बकीय प्रभाव तथा चुम्बकत्व (Magnetic Effects of Electric Current and Magnetism)
वैद्युत चुम्बकीय प्रेरण तथा प्रत्यावर्ती धारा (Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current)
वैद्युत चुम्बकीय तरंगे (Electromagnetic Waves)
प्रकाशिकी (Optics)
द्रव्य तथा विकिरणों की द्वैत प्रकृति (Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations)
परमाणु तथा नामिक (Atom and Nucleus)
इलेक्ट्रॉनिक युक्तियों (Electronic Devices)
संचार व्यवस्था (Communication System)

Indian Air Force X and Y Group Book PDF

Download : Indian Airforce Group X (वायु सैनिक भर्ती परीक्षा X सैनिक)

Name : Indian Airforce Group X (वायु सैनिक भर्ती परीक्षा X सैनिक)
Medium : Hindi and English
Publication : Upkar Publication
Number of Pages : 463

Indian Air Force Previous Year Questions Group x and Y

Contents of book
Previous Paper
Reasoning Ability & General Awareness
Answer Key
Hints & Explanations

Name : Indian Air Force Previous Paper GP XY
Medium : English
Publisher : Banking Series Books
Solved previous year paper – Updated with latest syllabus
Exercise with detail answer explanation and answer
Number of Pages : 263

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