Vocabulary for SSC CGL PDF in Hindi

Ultimate English Vocabulary Guide PDF in Hindi for SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, IBPS Banking and other competitive Exams for free download. Topic wise Important English word with meaning in Hindi and usage in sentence are given the book PDF.

About the Ultimate Vocabulary Guide

Collection of important Vocabulary from the previous year SSC and Bank Exams
Well Explained English word meaning in English and Hindi,
Synonyms, Antonyms and uses in sentence
Specially designed for SSC and IBPS Exams
Very useful for Hindi Medium Student.
One Example word from the book is given below for reference:

Cognizance: having knowledge
(संज्ञान: ज्ञान होना, पूर्ण जानकारी होना )
Synonyms: attention, awareness, discernment, insight, intelligence, knowledge, mind
Antonyms: ignorance, misunderstanding, strangeness, unfamiliarity
Sentence: It is because his cognizance that made him reach to the climax.

One Word Substitution
Of unknown or unadmitted authorship : anonymous
An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise : pseudonym
All of one mind : unanimous
Occurring at the same time : simultaneous

Idioms & Phrases
To miss the bus : (मौका हाथ से गवा देना ): to lose an opportunity
A wise man does not miss the bus in life.
Tooth and nail : (पूरी शक्ति के साथ ): with all one’s resources or energy
India fought tooth and nail against Pakistan.

Content of book

The English Vocabulary Guide for SSC CGL cover following topics, important for exam point of view:

Synonyms & Antonyms
Spelling of Words
Commonly Misspelled Words
Basic Word Parts
Some Important Phrasal Verbs
Some Troublesome Words
Verbs, Adjectives & Nouns Followed by Prepositions
Some Important Verbs & Their Forms
One word Substitution -1
One word Substitution -2
Idioms & Phrases
The Same Word Used As Different Parts of Speech
Proverbs & Their usage

Download : Vocabulary for SSC CGL PDF

Name : Ultimate Vocabulary Guide
Vocabulary for SSC CGL, IBPS Banking
Medium : English & Hindi
Number of Pages : 250

Thanks for download Vocabulary for SSC CGL PDF in Hindi for Competitive Exams.

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