Mensuration Questions for SSC CGL PDF

Mensuration Questions for SSC CGL PDF for free download. Previous years exam question paper solved MCQs for preparation of SSC CGL, CHSL, SSC GD, UPSSSC PET, IBPS Bank and all competitive exams.

What is Mensuration

Mensuration is a branch of mathematics. It deals with the measurement of geometric figures such as length, area, volume, and other related quantities. In simpler terms, mensuration helps in determining the measurements and properties of geometrical shapes and objects.

Common uses of mensuration:

  1. Construction and Architecture
  2. Land Surveying
  3. Engineering
  4. Physics
  5. Finance and Economics
  6. Geometry and Trigonometry

Mensuration questions asked in Mathematics paper to check candidate understanding of geometry, area, volume, and measurement. These questions help recruitment agency to evaluate candidate proficiency in applying mathematical principles to solve problems. The Government job required the knowledge of Mensuration to carry on day today work.

Type of Questions :

  • What will be the percentage increase in the area of a square, when each of the its sides is increased by 10%.
  • The radius of a circle is a side of a square. The ratio of the area of the circle and the square is.
  • The copper wire is bent in the shape of a square of the area 81 cm2 . If the same wire is bent in the form of a semicircle, the radius of the semicircle is ?

Mensuration questions with option, answer, and explanation (solution) are given in the PDF.

Download : Mensuration Questions for SSC CGL PDF

PDF Name : Mensuration Questions – Solved.
From the previous year paper of SSC CGL, CPO exam
Quantitative Aptitude
Topic : Mensuration
Medium : English
Number of pages : 118

Free download previous year Mensuration Questions from the below link:

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