Name of all Bones in Human Body PDF with Pictures

Name of all 206 Bones in Human Body PDF with Pictures for free download. The details about the human body skeleton is very useful for General Knowledge of competitive exams.


  • The skeleton makes up almost one-fifth of a healthy body’s weight.
  • This flexible inner framework supports all other parts and tissues, which would collapse without skeletal reinforcement.
  • It also protects certain organs, such as the delicate brain inside the skull.
  • Bones are reservoirs of important minerals, especially calcium, and also make new cells for the blood.
  • About one person in 20 has an extra rib.
  • Bone is an active tissue, and even though it is about 22 per cent water, it has an extremely strong yet lightweight and flexible structure.
  • A similar frame made of high-technology composite materials could not match the skeleton’s weight, strength, and durability. It’s as strong as steel but light as aluminum.
  • It can repair itself if damaged and can remodel its bones to thicken and strengthen them in areas of extra stress, when persons do extreme sports.

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Name : The Skeletal System
Medium : English
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all Bones in Human Body

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Name : 206 Bones Name List
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