One Word Substitution PDF for SSC CGL

English One Word Substitution with meaning in Hindi and Practice Set Book PDF for SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, and other competitive exams for free download. Fully solved 85 Practice Set PDF of last 15 years SSC Exams. Both PDF document consist important and repeated one word substitution in competitive exams conducted by Staff Selection Commission.

One Word Substitution PDF

Some sample words with meaning from the PDF document.

Immortal : अमर – A person of enduring fame / not subject to death
Infallible : अचूक – Incapable of failure or error
Isthmus : स्थलडमरूमध्य -A relatively narrow strip of land (with water both side) Connecting two larger areas
Intangible : Incapable of being touched or seen
Inevitable : Incapable of being avoided or presented
Intelligentsia : Intelligent and educated class of society.
Ineradicable : That which cannot be rooted out.
Itinerary : A film or illustrative lecture on travelling
Mummy : Body of a human being or animal embalmed for burial
Pantry : A place where food is kept

Denoting Profession

Oculist – One who attends to the disease of the eye
Obstetrician – Physician who delivers babies
Gynecologist – One who treats female problems
Optician – One who test eye sight and sells spectacles
Physician – One who attends to sick people
Surgeon – One who treats disease by performing operation
Dentist – One who attends to the teeth
Psychologist – One who studies the working of the human mind

Rules and forms of Government

Democracy – Government of people, for the people, and by the
Autocracy – Dictatorship, totalitariansm, despotism absolutism, Government in which one person has total power
Aristocracy – Government by the mobility, wealthy small group
Bureaucracy – Government by the department of state
Plutocracy – Government by the weal thing
Kakistocracy – Government by the worst citizen
Stratocracy – Government by a military class
Theocracy – heirocracy Government by the Devine guidance, clergy class

Groups of animals

A group of swans :Bevy
A group of termites : Colony
A group of swine’s :Herd
A group of monkey’s :Troop
A group of puppies, piglet : Litter
A group of peacock : Muster
A group of oxen : Team
A group of sheep : Flock
A group of camels : String
A group of bees : Hive
A group of deer/swine/cattle : Herd/Drove
A group of wolves/hounds : Pack
A group of geese/sheep/birds : Flock
A group of birds : Flight
A group of chickens/hens : Brood
A group of fish : Shoal
A group of pigeon : Brace

Types of crowd

Spectators – In a match/people assemble to see an incident/scene
Crowd – In a street
Congregation – In religion
Rabble – In a rowdy
Viewers – Watching a TV program
Mourners – Attending a funeral
Listeners – Listening to a broad program
Mob- In a riot

Types of Home

A convict lives in Prison
A hermit lives in Hermitage
A king and queen lives in Palace
A knight lives in Mansion
A Lunatic lives in Asylum
A Monk lives in Monastery

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Fully solved 85 Practice Set PDF of last 15 years SSC Exams by Vocab Guru. This Practice book is also useful for CTET, Banking Railway, MBA. CSAT, NDA, CDA and other entrance exams.

Name : One word substitution for SSC
Medium : English
Author : Lalit Kumar
Publisher : Rajeshwari Publication
Number of Pages : 85

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