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Test your General Intelligence and Reasoning in English. Online Practice Questions with Answer for SSC CGL, CHSL, SSC GD, UPSSSC PET and all Competitive Exams.

Topic : General Intelligence and Reasoning
Practice Questions : 25
Medium : English
Mode : Online
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Reasoning : Practice Questions


#1. Which one of the given answers would be a meaningful sequence of the following words?
(a) Plant
(b) Fruit
(c) Seed
(d) Leaf
(e) Flower

#2. If the one day before yesterday was Wednesday, then when will it be Sunday?

#3. Priyanka is married to Dileep's father. Gayatri is the the daughter of Nitesh. Ketan is the son of Gayatri's only brother, Dileep. How is Ketan related to Nitesh?

#4. ऐसे कितने पहलवान हैं जो किसान भी हैं। There are how many wrestlers who are also farmers.

#5. Mirror image

#6. Find the missing number in the series ?
1, 6, 15, ? , 45, 66, 91

Difference 5,9,13,17,21,25

#7. Rohit from point 'A' walks 20 m. to the east, then turns right and walks 10 m. Again turns right and walks 9 m, Then turns left and walks 5 m, again turns left walks 5 m and reached at point B. In which direction is he going now ?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

20 : 11 :: 102 : ?

20/2=10 add 1 =11

102/2=51 add 1=52

#9. Arya's mother's husband is the brother of Meena's mother. Vansh is the brother of Meena and Kavita. Varun is the father of Arya. How is Varun related to Vansh ?

#10. In a row of 64 students, Manoj's rank is 19th from the top, then what will be his position from the bottom?

#11. Count the number of tringle

#12. Paper Folding


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

Stethoscope : Heartbeat : : ? : Temperature

#14. Mirror image of Figure

#15. If  0,1,2,3,....., 9 is written as  a,b,c,d....., j, 
Than find dc  x  f - (bf - d) x d


Select the related word from the given alternatives.


#17. Rahul is 11th from the left and fourth from the right. How many more students should be included in the row so that the total number becomes 28?

#18. Complete the Series.
0, 7 , 26, 63, 124, ?

13-1, 23-1, 33-1… 63-1 =216-1

#19. Find the wrong number ?
4,10, 22, 46, 96,190, 382,

Add  6,12,24,48,96  for next term
94 should be in place of 96

#20. Mirror Image

#21. A man drives his car 6 km towards West, then turns left and drives 3 km and again turns left and drives 3 km. Find out the final direction of the man from his original position.

#22. In a class, Rajiv's rank is 12th from the top, Krishna's rank is 26th from the bottom, if there are 5 students between them, then at least how many students are there in the class?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.


#24. Select the correct group of symbols that fit the given equation ?
5 _ 3 _ 8 _ 4 _ 2 = 21

#25. Pointing to a photograph of a man, Saketh says, "This man's son's sister is my mother-in-law." How is Saketh's wife related to the man in the photograph?


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