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Test your General Intelligence and Reasoning in English. Online Practice Questions with Answer for SSC CGL, CHSL, SSC GD, UPSSSC PET and all Competitive Exams.

Topic : General Intelligence and Reasoning
Practice Questions : 25
Medium : English
Mode : Online
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Reasoning : Practice Questions


#1. Pointing to an old man who is playing chess, Vihan said, "His son is my son's uncle". How is the old man related to Vihan?

#2. In a certain code language, 'INERTIA' is written as 'RGVKGBZ'. How will 'FLOWER' be written in that language ?

#3. Statements:
(i) The principal will address the students at 10 a.m.
(ii) You are requested to take your seats before 10 a.m.
I . If the student is not on his seat before 10 a.m., the function will not start.
II . The function will start as scheduled

#4. Pamila is the granddaughter of Akun who is married to Nikita. Murali is the brother-in-law of Akun who has two daughters but no son. Rahul is the cousin of Kamal and brother of Pamila. Uday and Vanmay are the sons-in-law of Nikita. Vanmay is married to Yamini and they have two daughters and one son. Uday has one son and one daughter. Tina and Smita are the daughters of Yamini. Marali is unmarried. How is Yamini related to Rahul ?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.


#6. Ramesh is the father of Manideep. Ramesh has only two children. Manideep is the brother of Niharika. Niharika is the daughter of Kavita. Ananya is the granddaughter of Kavita. Sujit is the father of Ananya. How is Sujit related to Manideep?

#7. Barun is the son of Chetan. Advita and Chetan are a married couple. Prakul is the brother of Chetan. Diya is the daughter of Advita. Suman is the brother of Barun. How is Diya related to Barun?

#8. Arrange the given words in the order in which they occur in the dictionary.
i. Forehead
ii. Forensic
iii. Forest
iv. Foremost

#9. यदि / If
2 # 16 = 8; 
8 # 8 = 1;
6 # 12 = 2;
Find the solution: हल करे :
12 # 144 = ?

#10. Statements
Some dogs bark
All dogs bite
(I) Those dogs who do not bark, also bite
(II) Those dogs who do not bark, not necessarily bite

#11. A cube with a side of 6 cm is divided into a smaller cube with a side of 2 cm, so what will be the number of the smaller cube?

#12. ऐसी जनता की संख्या कितनी है जो शहरी होने के साथ - साथ शिक्षित और चालाक है ? What is the number of people who, along with being Urban, Educated and Clever?

#13. Suman's position in a row is 7th from the top, and in the same row Vijay's position is 15th from the top and 21st from the bottom, what will be Suman's position from the bottom in this row?

#14. Find the missing number in series ?
8, 24, ? , 80, 120

Difference is 16, 24, 32,40

#15. In a row of people Manu is 7th from the lower end of the row. Shrey is 10 ranks above Manu. If Shrey is 8th from the top end, then how many people are there in this row?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

7 : 50 :: 11 : ?

square of 7 plus 1 =50

square of 11 plus 1 =122


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

7 : 32 : : 35 : ?

7 × 5 – 3 = 35 – 3 = 32
35 × 5 – 3 = 175 – 3 = 172

#18. Some equations have been solved on the basis of a certain rule. Find the correct answer for the unsolved equation on that basis. If 73 * 17 = 45 and 68 * 40 = 54, then 83 * 15 =?

#19. In a certain code language, 6219 means 'Sachin is a cricketer' and 2646 means 'He played from Mumbai'. Which of the following is the code for 'Mumbai is very famous' ?

#20. Complete- पूरा करें


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

3265 : 4376 : : 4673 : ?

#22. A clock becomes sluggish for 5 minutes in the first hour after midnight. 10 minutes at the end of the second hour and 15 minutes at the end of the third hour and so on. What time will the clock show at 06:00 hrs.?

#23. Guddu's rank is 16th from the top and 29th from the bottom among the students who pass an examination. 6 students did not appear in the examination and 5 students have failed. How many students appeared in the examination?

#24. If A means '×', D means '+' and G means '-', then find the value of 7A4D4A3G2.

#25. Select the related letter/number from the given alternatives.
BORE : 10 : : HOTEL : ?

BORE , Add 2,15,18,5 = 40/4 =10 ( BORE has 4 alphabets so divide it by 4)

HOTEL. Add 8,15,20,5,12 =60/4 =15 (HOTEL has 5 alphabets so divide 60 by 5)


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