Reasoning Test in English

Test your General Intelligence and Reasoning in English. Online Practice Questions with Answer for SSC CGL, CHSL, SSC GD, UPSSSC PET and all Competitive Exams.

Topic : General Intelligence and Reasoning
Practice Questions : 25
Medium : English
Mode : Online
Daily New Practice Questions Set

Reasoning : Practice Questions


#1. Find the Missing Number

#2. Water image

#3. Which one of the given answers would be a meaningful sequence of the following words?
(1) typing
(2) printing
(3) opening
(4) saving
(5) closing

#4. कौन सा घन दिए गए चित्र को मोड़कर नहीं बनाया जा सकता|
Which cube can not be formed by folding the above ?

#5. Which of the following options represents a meaningful sequence of the words given below?
1) letter 2) phrase 3) word 4) sentence

#6. Find the wrong number ?
4,10, 22, 46, 96,190, 382,

Add  6,12,24,48,96  for next term
94 should be in place of 96

#7. Which of the following options represents a meaningful sequence of the words given below?
1) Yarn 2) Growing 3) Cotton 4) Manure 5) Fabric 6) Seeds

#8. A solid cube with a size of 4 inches, the opposite sides are painted red, green and black, this solid cube has been cut into a 1-inch cube. How many cubes have only one face painted ?

#9. In a row of cars, the red car is 14th from the left and 23rd from the right. How many cars are there in the row?

#10. In a code language, LANCER is written as NALREC. How will NORWAY be written in that language ?

#11. Two Planes start from the same airport. A flies 50 km East. B flies 15 km North then turns East and flies 20 km, then turns to its right and flies 15 km. Where is B with Respect to A now ?

#12. Which day will be on 1st January 2401?

#13. शब्दों के आपस के संबंध् को समझते हुए सही आरेख का चयन कीजिए। -18 वर्ष से कम आयु के बच्चे, मतदाता सूची में नामांकित व्यक्ति, मतदान कर चुके व्यक्ति। -Understanding the interrelation of the words, choose the correct diagram. Children under 18 years of age, Nominees in electoral rolls, Voted Person.

#14. M's wife is N's daughter-in-law. P is the husband of o, who is the sister of M. How is P related to N ?

#15. Complete the Series.
2, 7, 27, 107,  ?

2×4-1,7×4-1, 107×4-1 =427

#16. Which one is not a standard dice ?

#17. Statements
Some dogs bark
All dogs bite
(I) Those dogs who do not bark, also bite
(II) Those dogs who do not bark, not necessarily bite

#18. In a certain code language, 'INERTIA' is written as 'RGVKGBZ'. How will 'FLOWER' be written in that language ?

#19. Reena walks 7 m. to the South-East from point A. Then walks 14 m to the west, then walks 7 m. to the North-West. In last she walks 4 m. to the East and reached at point B. find A B. ?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

0.16 : 0.0016 : : 1.02 : ?

#21. In a row of people Manu is 7th from the lower end of the row. Shrey is 10 ranks above Manu. If Shrey is 8th from the top end, then how many people are there in this row?

#22. Statements
A. All clerks are superintendents
B. All superintendents are managers.
C. All managers are supervisors
I . All supervisors are clerks
II . Some clerks are supervisors.
III. Some managers are clerks
IV. All superintendents are clerks.

#23. ऐसे कितने पहलवान हैं जो किसान भी हैं। There are how many wrestlers who are also farmers.


Select the related word from the given alternatives.


#25. In Ravi's watch shop, two watches were brought in for repairs. In one clock the cuckoo comes out every sixteen minutes, while in the other the cuckoo comes out every eighteen minutes. Both the cuckoos came out together at 12.00 noon. When will they both come out together again?


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