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Topic : Reasoning Question Answer
Medium : English
Mode : Online
Number of Questions : 25
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#1. Statements
I . Regular polygon has equal sides and equal angles.
II . Square is a regular polygon
(i) Square has equal sides
(ii) Square has equal angles

#2. Which Cube can't be made using above open dice ?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

27 : 9 : : 64 : ?

cube of 3, square of 3 :: cube of 4 : square of 4


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

Physician : Treatment : : Judge : ?

#5. Six friends Narendra, Santosh, Rajesh, Madan, Satyendra and Shiv Singh are sitting in two rows facing each other. Santosh is not at the end of any line. The position of Madan is second to the left of Satyendra. Narendra's position is adjacent to Santosh and diagonal to Madan. Rajesh's position is in the immediate neighborhood of Satyendra. On the basis of this information, tell who is sitting opposite to Rajesh.

#6. Barun is the son of Chetan. Advita and Chetan are a married couple. Prakul is the brother of Chetan. Diya is the daughter of Advita. Suman is the brother of Barun. How is Diya related to Barun?

#7. If  0,1,2,3,....., 9 is written as  a,b,c,d....., j, 
Than find dc  x  f - (bf - d) x d

#8. Select the correct group of symbols that fit the given equation ?
5 _ 3 _ 8 _ 4 _ 2 = 21

#9. Which of the following options represents a meaningful sequence of the words given below?
1) Yarn 2) Growing 3) Cotton 4) Manure 5) Fabric 6) Seeds

#10. Alok is 300 days older than Varun and Sandeep is 50 weeks older than Alok. If Sandeep was born on Tuesday, then on which day was Varun born?

#11. A solid cube with a size of 4 inches, the opposite sides are painted red, green and black, this solid cube has been cut into a 1-inch cube. Only one face of how many cubes is painted black?

#12. Choose the correct set of symbols that will fit the given equation.
23 * 26 * 27

#13. Count the number of tringle

#14. Find the Missing Number

#15. Arrange the given words in the order in which they occur in the dictionary.
i. Forehead
ii. Forensic
iii. Forest
iv. Foremost

#16. Rahul placed his watch on the table in such a way that at 6 o'clock, the hour hand points towards north. Which direction will the needle point at 09:15?

#17. If in the year 2016 the Republic Day was celebrated on Friday, then in the year 2020, on which day the Republic Day was celebrated?

#18. Rahul is 11th from the left and fourth from the right. How many more students should be included in the row so that the total number becomes 28?

#19. My face is in South Direction. I turns Right and walks 20 m. Then turns Right and walks 10 m. Then turns left and walks 10 m. Then turns right and walk 20 m. Again turns right and walks 60 m. In which direction I am from (starting) Initial point ?

#20. आयत की संख्या गिनें- Count the number of Rectangle in above figure

#21. Count the Tringle and Square in the given figure / त्रिभुजों और वर्गों की गिनती करो |

#22. A solid large cube is divided into smaller 125 cubes with a side of 2 cm, then what will be the length of the side of the larger solid cube?

#23. Arya's mother's husband is the brother of Meena's mother. Vansh is the brother of Meena and Kavita. Varun is the father of Arya. How is Varun related to Vansh ?

#24. Find the Missing Number

#25. Pamila is the granddaughter of Akun who is married to Nikita. Murali is the brother-in-law of Akun who has two daughters but no son. Rahul is the cousin of Kamal and brother of Pamila. Uday and Vanmay are the sons-in-law of Nikita. Vanmay is married to Yamini and they have two daughters and one son. Uday has one son and one daughter. Tina and Smita are the daughters of Yamini. Marali is unmarried. How is Yamini related to Rahul ?


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