Reasoning Mock Test in English

Reasoning Mock Test in English for the preparation of SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, SSSC GD and all competitive exams. 25 Questions online mock test for the practice of Tier 1 examination.

Subject : General Intelligence and Reasoning
Medium : English
Number of Questions : 25
Time : 25 Minutes
Daily new questions Mock Test
As per Syllabus and Exam pattern of SSC Exams

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#1. Find the Missing number

#2. There are 30 boys in the row. Ram's position is 18th from the left and Shyam's is 14th from the right. If both the friends interchange their positions, then what will be Ram's position from the left.

#3. Complete the Series.
A, C, F, H, K, ?

#4. If  0,1,2,3,....., 9 is written as  a,b,c,d....., j, 
Than find dc  x  f - (bf - d) x d

#5. Eight people A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are placed as shown in the diagram. All are facing in the outward direction. If all of them move anticlockwise to three places then.

#6. Select the correct group of symbols that are correct in the given equation ?
5  ? 0 ?  3  ?  5 = 20

#7. My face is in South Direction. I turns Right and walks 20 m. Then turns Right and walks 10 m. Then turns left and walks 10 m. Then turns right and walk 20 m. Again turns right and walks 60 m. In which direction I am from (starting) Initial point ?

#8. Two female and two male "Breeze" ; playing a card game. All of them are sitting around a table facing north, south, east and west. No woman is facing 'East'. The persons who are sitting opposite to each other are not of same gender. A man is facing south. Tell which direction the women are facing?

#9. A man from point A walks 100 m. to the North direction, then walks 60 m. to the South then walks 30 m. to the east and reaches at point B. Find distance and direction from point A to point B. ?

#10. Complete- पूरा करें

#11. Raju was to go to the planetarium. So he walked 1.5 kms towards east from the place and then turned to right and walked 2.5 kms and then turned towards east and walked 1 km and turned to south and walked 4 kms and reached the place by walking 2.5 kms towards west. What distance is he from the starting point ?

#12. Paper folding

#13. Complete the Series.
4, 28, 6, 26, 8, 24, 10, 22, ?

Two Series 4,6,8,10,12

#14. Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term.

#15. In a code language, if RAFT is written as 180 and DON is written as 99, then how will SHOWER be written in the same language ?

#16. If 6 # 8 = 28 and 5 # 12 = 13, than 9 # 40 =?

Square of 6 – 8 = 36-8=28

Square of 9 – 40 = 41

#17. Arrange the following words in a meaningful order?
(1) Elephant (2) Cat (3) Mosquito (4) Tiger (5) Whale

#18. Figure Analogy

#19. `All beggars are poor.'
If the above statement is true, which of the following conclusions can be drawn?

#20. कितने व्यक्ति हैं, जो पहलवान, किसान और सैनिक हैं| - How many persons, who are wrestler, Farmer and soldier

#21. Saloni is the daughter of the only son of Kartik. Nirupama is the mother of Deepak. Yamini's only son, Ankit is married to Nirupama. Kartik is the paternal grandfather of Deepak. How is Kartik related to Ankit?

#22. Which Cube can't be made using above open dice ?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

0.16 : 0.0016 : : 1.02 : ?

#24. Five boys are sitting in a row. A is sitting to the left of D and to the right of B. E is to the right of D but to the left of C. Who is sitting on the edge of the row?


Select the related word from the given alternatives.



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