Static General Knowledge PDF Download

Static General Knowledge PDF for Competitive exams are provided for free Download. Static General Knowledge (GK) and General Awareness forms an integral part of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Staff Selection Commission (SSC) competitive exams in India. Static GK covers a broad range of topics that remain constant and do not change over time. It encompasses subjects such as history, geography, polity, economics, science, and more. This article aims to provide aspirants with a valuable resource for their exam preparation by offering a downloadable PDF containing a list of important Static GK topics.

Static General Awareness

Static General Awareness encompasses a broad spectrum of information that remains constant and does not undergo significant changes in the near future. This category includes various facts about individuals, locations, objects, significant dates, currencies, dances, and more. These facts hold universal relevance and are essential for building a strong foundation of general knowledge.

Download : Static GK PDF

List of Important Static General Knowledge and General Awareness Topics with PDF download links are provided below for the preparation of SSC competitive exams.

  1. Superlatives of India and World PDF Download
  2. First in World GK PDF
  3. Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in India PDF
  4. List of Biosphere Reserves in India
  5. Sports Terminology PDF Download
  6. Dance in India PDF : State wise List
  7. List of Rivers in India PDF – Length and States
  8. List of Dams in India with River and State PDF
  9. List of Stadiums in India PDF Download
  10. List of Mountain Peaks in India PDF
  11. List of Thermal Power Plants in India PDF
  12. List of Museums in India PDF Download
  13. List of High Courts in India PDF with Brief Description
  14. List of Major Sea Ports in India PDF
  15. List of Waterfalls in India PDF
  16. List International Airports in India PDF
  17. Indian National Movement PDF
  18. Indian Art and Culture PDF Free Download
  19. Famous Books and Authors in Hindi PDF
  20. List of Famous Temples in India PDF
  21. List of Indian Government Scheme PDF
  22. List of Major Crops and Producing States in India PDF
  23. Nobel Prize Winners 2023 List PDF
  24. Famous Indian Personalities and their Nicknames PDF
  25. List of Space Centres in India PDF
  26. Sports General Knowledge PDF
  27. Important Full Forms for Competitive Exams PDF
  28. List of International Boundary Lines PDF
  29. List of Important Institutions in India PDF
  30. Countries and their Parliament Names PDF
  31. Important Awards and their fields pdf
  32. List of famous Inventors and their Inventions PDF
  33. Famous Books and Authors PDF
  34. List of Famous Gardens in India PDF
  35. List of Important Forts in India PDF
  36. List of Military Exercises of India with other Countries PDF

Static General Knowledge Book PDF

List of important book for the study of Static General Knowledge and General Awareness for competitive exams with download links are provided below:

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