30 Days English Speaking Course Book Free Download PDF

30 Days English Speaking Course Book PDF for Free Download. The ability to speak English is a great blessing in now a day life. English speaking skills help you pursue educational opportunities, lead to better employment, and expand your circles of friends and acquaintances. We are sharing the download links for two English Speaking Course books for self study. Systematic learning is key to achieve your target of learn English in 30 days.

Extract from the English Learn English in 30 days book

Listen and Repeat the each sentences :

How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Okay, thanks.
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.
Excuse me.
What time is it? (
It is 2 o’clock.
Thank you.
My name is John.
What is your name?
Do you live here?
Yes, I live here.
Do you speak English?
I speak a little English.
Have you lived here long?
I have lived here two years.
Thank you.

English Speaking Course Book

Download English Speaking Course Book PDF

Book Name : Spoken English – Learn Quickly

ebook – English speaking course for self study
Language : English
Number of PDF Pages : 436

Download English Spoken Book PDF from the below link

Lean Speaking English Book PDF Free Download

Book Name : Learn English Now

Simple Topics to learn English

Introductory Vocabulary
Greetings and Introductions
Directions inside a Building
Responsibilities and Activities
Making a Doctor’s Appointment
Buying Shoes
How’s the Weather?
Directions Outside
Buying a Dress, Appliances and Groceries
Learn English from Film
Making new friends and discussing the day activities

This book will help English learners during the Learn English course. It contains activities for each lesson and helpful resources. It is important that you practice English.

Download : English learning e Course PDF

Book Name : Learn English Now
Language : English
Type : ebook – English course
Number of PDF Pages : 357

Disclaimer : We are not the owner of 30 Days English Speaking Course Book Free Download PDF. The google drive download links are share for self study and learn English purpose.

English Speaking Course Book in Hindi – PDF Download

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