Reasoning MCQ in English

General Intelligence and Reasoning MCQ Question Answer in English for Competitive Exams. Practice Set of 25 questions is very useful for SSC, UPSSSC PET and all Govt jobs examinations:

Topic : Reasoning
Medium : English
Mode : Online
Number of Questions : 25
Daily new Questions for practice
Immediate marking of Correct / Incorrect answer

Reasoning MCQ Questions in English


#1. Water Image

#2. Statements
I. All teachers are old
II. Some women are teachers.
i) all old are women
ii) Some women are old

#3. Find the missing number

1 7=8×6 8
1 4=5×8 5
2 3=5×6 5=35

#4. Statements
Some teachers are students
All students are girls
I. All teachers are girls
II.Some girls are teachers
III. Some girls are students
IV. All students are teachers

#5. 6 boys are sitting in a circle in such a way that they are facing the centre.
1) Rajeev is sitting to the right of Mohan but he is not to the immediate left of Vijay.
2) Chander is sitting between Babu and Vijay.
3) Ajay is sitting to the left of Vijay
who is sitting to the left of Mohan ?

#6. कौन सा घन दिए गए चित्र को मोड़कर नहीं बनाया जा सकता|
Which cube can not be formed by folding the above ?

#7. Figure analogy

#8. Select the correct group of symbols that are correct in the given equation ?
5  ? 0 ?  3  ?  5 = 20

#9. If 92 A 42 B 32 = 56 and 72 A 22 B 12 = 44, then


Select the related letter from the given alternatives.

ZX : AC :: VT : ?

Opposite letters

#11. If the one day before yesterday was Wednesday, then when will it be Sunday?

#12. Complete the Series.
12, 21, 23, 32, 34, ?

12 9 =21, 21 2 =23,   34 9= 43

#13. Which one of the given answers would be a meaningful sequence of the following words?
(a) Plant
(b) Fruit
(c) Seed
(d) Leaf
(e) Flower

#14. How many times does n occur before p in the given series?

#15. Counting of Rectangle

#16. Which one of the given answers would be a meaningful sequence of the following words?
(1) Mega

#17. Pointing towards a woman, Reena said, "She is the only daughter of my father-in-law."

#18. Statement :
(a) All frogs are tortoises
(b) No tortoise is a crocodile.
I. No crocodile is a frog.
II. No frog is a crocodile

#19. Which one of the given answers would be a meaningful sequence of the following words?
(a) Honey
(b) Flower
(c) Bee
(d) Wax

#20. Complete the Series.
5, 2, 7, 9, 16, 25, ?

Addition of previous 2 numbers 5 2=7, 2 7=9, ..16 25=41

#21. Four friends were playing cards sitting in a circle. Shankar was sitting to the right of Ram and Gopal was sitting to the left of Aurobindo. Which of the following pairs were participants in the game?

#22. If "S" denotes "multiplied by", "V" denotes "subtracted from", "M" denotes "added to" and "L" denotes "divided by", then
343  L 7 S 6 V 94 M 11 =?

#23. Mirror Image

#24. Fill the blank ?
cccbb _ aa _ cc _ bbbaa _ c

3b, 3c, 3a


Select the related word from the given alternatives.

Physician : Treatment : : Judge : ?


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