Create Bill of Material (BOM) in Tally Prime

How to Create Bill of Material (BOM) in Tally Prime : Complete Training Notes. Purchase the items / parts, Manufacture a Computer, Create Stock Journal Voucher and Sale a Computer Unit.

Bill of materials (BOM) is a comprehensive list of raw materials components, assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts or anything which is required to manufacture the finished product.

Create New Company for Bill of Materials (BOM) practice
Capital :   Rs 500000

Create Stock Group :Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Groups

Raw MaterialsPrimary
Finishing GoodsPrimary

Create Units of Measure : Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info > Stock Groups > Create

SymbolFormal Name
NosNumber of System

Manufacture a Computer

Create Stock Item:  Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Item
F12 > Provide Standard Buying and Selling rates : Yes

Item NameUnderUnitsStandard Rate
CabinetRaw MaterialsNos1100
MonitorRaw MaterialsNos2000
Hard DiskRaw MaterialsNos2500
RAMRaw MaterialsNos1200
WireRaw MaterialsMtr550
ProcessorRaw MaterialsNos6000
SMPSRaw MaterialsNos410
KeyboardRaw MaterialsNos120
MouseRaw MaterialsNos120

Create Bill of Material (BOM) in Tally Prime

F12 > Set component list details (Bill of Materials) in Stock Items :         (Yes)

ComputerFinishing GoodsPcs

Set components (BOM)          (Yes)

BOM List of : Computer
Name of BOM :  Computer
BOM Name: Computer
Components of : Computer  
Unit of manufacture:  1 Pcs

Cabinet1 Nos
Monitor1 Nos
Hard Disk1 Nos
Ram1 Nos
Processor1 Nos
Wire5 Mtr
Smps1 Nos
Keyboard1 Nos
Mouse1 Nos

Create Ledger : Gateway of Tally > Create > Ledgers >

Ledger NameUnder
ABC Computer WorldSundry Creditors
PurchasePurchase Accounts
Power ChargesDirect Expenses
Packing ChargeDirect Expenses
Alishaan EnterpriseSundry Debtors
SalesSales Accounts

Purchase Entry : Gateway of Tally > Voucher > F9 Purchase
Purchase Invoice No :1
Party A/c name:  ABC Computer World
Purchase ledger : Purchase

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
Cabinet50 Nos110055000
Hard Disk50 Nos2500125000
Keyboard50 Nos1206000
Monitor50 Nos2000100000
Mouse50 Nos1206000
Processor50 Nos6000300000
RAM50 Nos120060000
SMPS50 Nos41020500
Wire250 Mtr250137500

Check Stock Summary: Gateway of Tally > Stock Summary > Raw Material

Create Voucher Type : Stock Journal

Gateway of Tally > create > Voucher Types

Name:            Manufacture
Select type of voucher:         Stock Journal
Abbreviation:                                     Stk Jrnl
Allow narration in Voucher:            (Yes)
Use as a manufacturing Journal:(Yes)

Manufacture Item : BOM

Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > F10: Other Vouchers > Stock Journal  Alt + F7

Voucher Type       Name: Manufacture
Manufacturing No. 1                                                                                 1 –Apr-2021
Manufacture of Materials
Name of product: Computer       Name of BOM: Compute        Qty: 2 Pcs

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
Cabinet2 Nos11002200
Monitor2 Nos20004000
Hard Disk2 Nos25005000
RAM2 Nos12002400
Processor50 Nos600012000
Wire10 Mtr5505500
SMPS2 Nos410820
Keyboard2 Nos120240
Mouse2 Nos120240

Cost of Components                         32400
Type of Additional Cost Per
Power Charges                 10.80%        3500
Packing Charges                                 100
Total Addl.Cost                                    3600
Effective Cost                                      36000
Allocation to primary item                 36000
Effective rate of primary item           18000/Pcs

Create Bill of Material (BOM) in Tally Prime

Sales Entry  : Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > F8 Sales

Reference No.: 001
Party Name A/c Name: Alishaan Enterprise
Sales Ledger:   Sales

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
Computer1 Pcs2000020000

Check Stock Summary and Profit   

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