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In English grammar, degree is one of three forms used in the qualitative comparison of adjectives and adverbs. The PDF of English Grammar – Degree Notes is available below for free download.

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  1. The positive, or base form modifies a subject but isn’t being compared to anything else in terms of quality.
    Example sentence: “I have a smart dog.” Here, the adjective “smart” simply describes the dog as being intelligent.
  2. The comparative compares one degree to another in terms of quality.
    Example sentence: “My dog is smarter than many of his breed.” In this sentence, the subject modified by the adjective “smarter” is superior to the subject modified by the base form (the “smart dog”).
  3. The superlative compares the degree against others and declares itself superior.
    Example sentence: “My dog, Homer, is the smartest dog that ever lived!” This dog is smarter than both the smart and smarter dog—or any other dog, for that matter—at least according to his owner.

English grammar Degree pdf

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