Learn English in 60 days PDF

Learn English in 50 to 60 days Step by Step guide PDF for free download. English learning book for beginners. The approach of this book is to teach daily English Conversations by using of simple English Sentences.

Learn English in 50 to 60 Days

A comprehensive guide designed to help beginners swiftly learn the English language through daily practice and simple conversations. This book is structured from basic vocabulary to fluent communication, covering essential grammar rules and practical language usage.

Day 1-10:

Building a Strong Foundation : This book start with the basics of English learning – introducing common greetings, essential vocabulary for everyday objects, and simple sentence structures. Every day learn new words and phrases, practicing pronunciation and forming basic sentences.

Day 11-20:

Expanding Vocabulary and Expressions : After 10 days student is comfortable with the fundamentals. He can learn more vocabulary expansion. Topics will include numbers, colors, family members, and common activities. After that the reader will learn how to express preferences, ask questions, and hold short conversations.

Day 21-30:

Knowledge of Grammar : It is Essentials to understand the grammar. During this phase, book cover essential grammar topics such as verb tenses, articles, prepositions, and sentence structure. Through guided exercises and examples, you will gain a solid grasp of English grammar rules.

Day 31-40:

Practical Situations and Role-plays : To enhance conversational skills, book is focus on real-life situations such as shopping, ordering food at a restaurant, asking for directions, and making appointments. Role-play exercises will allow to practice dialogue scenarios, and improve fluency and confidence.

Day 41-50:

Cultural Insights and Advanced Topics : After 30 days, we will explore cultural aspects of English-speaking countries and idiomatic expressions commonly used in daily conversations. More advanced topics such as phrasal verbs, formal vs. informal language, and common slang expressions will be learn in this part of book.

Day 51-60: Learn English

Final phase : Review key concepts and vocabulary covered throughout the book. Learning through quizzes, interactive exercises, and practical application. By the end of Day 60, (last chapter of book) you will have developed a solid foundation in English and be well-equipped to continue your language journey with confidence.

Free Download : Learn English in 60 days PDF

Book Name : Learn English in 50 Days
Subject : English Learning
Level : Basic for Beginners
Medium : English
Approach : Daily use English Sentences

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