Brahmastra Advanced Maths Book PDF Free Download

Brahmastra Advanced Maths Book PDF Free Download for competitive exams. Basic concept and PYQ in Hindi and English by Ajay Gulati, topic wise for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank, CAT Examinations.

Topics Covered

Mensuration – 2D+3D
Co-ordinate Geometry
Heights & Distances
Surds & indices

Brahmastra Advanced Maths

Advanced Maths Book Contents

Brahmastra advanced mathematics book contents following :

Area of a Triangle
Basics Questions Based on Area of a Triangle
Area of a Triangle using Heroens Formula
Area of Equilateral Triangle
Area of An Isosceles Triangle
Area of A3,4,5 Right Triangle
Area of a regular hexagon
Area of Similar Triangles
Basic Questions Related to Area and Perimeter of Rectangle
Area of a Square in terms of its Diagonal
Detailed concept of Rhombus
Breaking up a Triangle into Smaller Parts
Area is Proportional to base and height
Area of Trapezium
Basics Questions based on Rectangle and Square
Perimeter of a Triangle and Quadrilateral
Basic Questions Based on Area of Square Rectangle Circle etc.
Detailed Concept of Ring
Ratio of Areas of Circles
Circumference of a circle and wheel
Distance Travelled by a wheel in one revolution
Semicircle Area and Perimeter
Area and Perimeter of a Sector
Problems involving Different Figure Having Same Area
Concept of Wires and Figures with same Perimeter
Percentage Change in Area
Square Inside a Square

Download : Brahmastra Advanced Maths Book PDF

Name : Bramhastra Advance Math’s Book
By : Ajay Gulati
Medium : English & Hindi (Bilingual)
Number of pages : 598

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