Dice Reasoning

Dice Reasoning Questions in Hindi. Mock Test of पासा for Competitive Exams.


#1. Which one is not a standard dice ?

#2. Which number will be opposite 3 ?

#3. What should be at the opposite face of 2 dots ?

#4. यदि दी गई व्यवस्था का उपयोग करके एक घन बनाया जाए तो हरे रंग के सामने कौन सा रहा होगा ?
If a cube was made using the given arrangement, which one would have been in front of the हरा ?

#5. Which Cube can't be made using above open dice ?

#6. Dice

#7. Dice

#8. कौन सा घन दिए गए चित्र को मोड़कर नहीं बनाया जा सकता|
Which cube can not be formed by folding the above ?

#9. Dice

2 and 3 are in both cube – cancel them
Remaining is 5 and 6, that means both are opposite.


#10. Dice

Opposite faces F/B, E/C and A/D

Opposite faces can not seen. Clearly 1,3,4 can not be formed. Answer is 2


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