English for Everyone Practice Book PDF

English for Everyone Practice Book Level 1 Beginner book PDF for free download. A complete self study program to learn English Language. One of the best book, very useful for students preparing for competitive exams.

English for Everyone Practice Book

Contents of Book

English for Everyone Practice Book includes following topics:

Introducing yourself
Vocabulary Countries
Talking about yourself
Vocabulary Family and pets
Things you have
Using apostrophes
Vocabulary Everyday things
Talking about your things
Vocabulary Jobs
Talking about your job
Telling the time
Vocabulary Daily routines
Describing your day
Describing your week
Negatives with “to be”
More Negatives
Simple Questions
Answering Questions
Asking Questions
Vocabulary Around town
Talking about your town
Using “a” and “the”
Orders and directions
Joining sentences
Describing places
Giving reasons
Vocabulary Around the house
The things I have
What do you have?
Vocabulary Food and drink
Vocabulary Clothes
At the shops
Describing things
Vocabulary Sports
Talking about sports
Vocabulary Hobbies and Pastimes
Free time
Likes and dislikes
Vocabulary Music
Expressing preference
Vocabulary Abilities
What you can and can’t do
Describing actions
Describing ability
Wishes and desires

Download : English for Everyone Practice Book PDF

Name : English for Everyone Level – 1 Beginner Book
Medium : English
Number of pages : 175

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