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Logical Reasoning book PDF in Hindi and English (Bilingual) by Drishti Publication. This Drasthi publication reasoning book is includes problem solution and practice questions for SSC CGL, CET NRA, IAS UPSC, State PCS

Contents of Logical Reasoning book

Coding – Decoding (कोडिंग -डिकोडिंग )
Number and Letters Series (संख्या तथा अक्षर श्रृंखला )
Analogy Test (सादृश्यता परिक्षण )
Classifications (वर्गीकरण )
Blood – Relations (रक्त – संबंध )
Direction Test (दिशा परीक्षण )
Linear, Circular and Complex Arrangements (रेखीय, वृत्तीय तथा जटिल या मिश्रित व्यवस्थाएँ )
Ranking Order & Sequence (श्रेणीक्रम और अनुक्रम )
Input – Output (इनपुट-आउटपुट )
Mathematical Operations (गणितीय सक्रियाएँ )
Logical Venn Diagrams (तार्किक वेन आरेख )
Syllogism (न्याय निगमन)
Logical Puzzles (तार्किक पहेलियाँ )

Download : Logical Reasoning book

Number of PDF Pages : 44
By Dharasti – The Vision
Language : Bilingual (English and Hindi)

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Reasoning Questions for Competitive Exams
Bilingual – Hindi & English

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