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1000 important General Knowledge questions asked in previous year Railway RRB NTPC. The GK Questions in English PDF of RRB NTPC Exam paper is available for free Download.

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Name : GK Questions Asked in RRB NTPC
Language : English
Number of PDF pages : 24

Sample Questions

  • Shimla Agreement took place in- 1972
  • ASCII Stands For- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • What gases can be found on Saturn? Hydrogen and Helium
  • What is the process called in which Zinc Oxide is applied to metals to stop them from
    rusting? Galvanization
  • DBMS full form? Database Management System
  • Which fundamental right is guaranteed even to non-citizens of India? Article 21 –
    Right to Life & Personal Liberty
  • The Second Round Table Conference was conducted in which month of 1931?

How many Fundamental Duties we have in our constitution? 11

  • Rocket launch pad – Sriharikota
  • INS Vikrant was decommissioned in which year? 1997
  • What is study of soil called as? Pedology
  • In which year Aryabhatta was launched? 1975
  • While raining a type of smell comes known as? Ozone
  • Subhash chandra bose founded which party – All India Forward Bloc
  • The last king of chola dynasty – Rajendra Chola III
  • Who became the only Indian Governor-General – Rajagopalachari
  • Who has been honoured twice, with the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics and the 1911 Nobel
    Prize in Chemistry? Marie Curie
  • What is Dry Ice? Solid form of Carbon Dioxide
  • Who Invented Dynamite? Alfred Nobel
  • First Chinese Women went to Space? Liu Yang
  • Sound Measured in? Decibel
  • Which City is called Pink City ? Jaipur
  • Quit India was held in which year? 1942
  • Thar desert is in? Rajasthan
  • Study of cancer? Oncology
  • Good governance day? 25 December
  • Constitution day? 26 November

GK Questions RRB NTPC PDF Free Download

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