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Indian Geography for Competitive Exams, book PDF in English for free download. The to the point Geography Notes are very useful for rapid revision of UPSC, SSC, Banks and all Govt jobs end entrance examinations.

Contents of this book

Geographical Extent and Frontiers :

Geographical Extent : 8o 4′ North to 37o 6′ North Latitude and 68o 7′ East to 97o 25′ East Longitude.

Structure and Physiography of India :

Earth is approximately 4600 million years old. Overtime it has undergone many changes brought about primarily by the endogenic and exogenic forces.

Drainage System :

Flow of water through well-defined channels is known as ‘drainage’ and the network of such channels is called a ‘drainage system’.

Climate :

Weather is the momentary state of the atmosphere which changes quickly while climate refers to the average of the weather conditions over a longer period of time.

Indian Monsoon :

Onset of the Monsoon : During April and May when the Sun shines vertically over the Tropic of Cancer, the large landmass in the north of Indian ocean gets intensely heated. low pressure in the north-western part of the subcontinent.

Natural Vegetation :

Natural vegetation refers to a plant community that has been left undisturbed over a long time, so as to allow its individual species to adjust themselves to climate and soil conditions as fully as possible.

Soils :

The mixture of rock debris and organic materials which develop on the earth’s materials which develop on the earth’s surface.

Agriculture :

Rabi :
This season starts after the rainy season sowing begins in September-October and harvesting takes place in February-March.
Wheat, barley, pulses and some oil seeds are grown in rabi season.

Minerals :

Minerals generally occur in the Earth’s crust in the form of ore. It is mined, extracted, processed and utilized for the economic benefits of the society.

Industries :

Factors responsible for the location of Industries :
Raw Material : Industries using weight-losing raw materials arelocated in the regions where raw materials arelocated.

Natural Hazards and Disasters :

Disasters : Disaster is an undersirable occurrence resulting from forces that are largely outside human control, strikes largely outside human control, strikes quickly with little or no warning, which causes or threatens serious disruption of life and property.

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