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We have compiled many PDF useful for computer typing training in Hindi and English. Typing Book, Keyboard, Chart, special character code and Notes PDF for free download. Learn English and Hindi Computer typing, Improve speed, daily practice lessons, for SSC CHSL, CGL, MTS and all Competitive Exams. Further, this step by step guide is useful for self learning and training at computer training institute.

In today’s digital age, computer typing skills are essential for personal and professional growth. Whether you’re preparing for competitive exams like SSC CHSL, CGL, MTS, or simply want to improve your typing speed and accuracy, having access to the right resources can make a significant difference. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with a wealth of free resources, including Computer Typing Books, Keyboard Charts, Special Character Codes, and Notes in both Hindi and English. Whether you’re a self-learner or seeking training at a computer institute, this step-by-step guide will help you enhance your typing skills effectively.

Computer Typing Books:

  • We offer a selection of PDF books dedicated to computer typing in both Hindi and English.
  • These books cover essential typing techniques, finger positioning, and tips to boost your speed.
  • Explore various exercises and practice materials to gradually improve your typing proficiency.
  • These resources are suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.

Keyboard Charts:

  • Keyboard charts are valuable visual aids that help you become familiar with keyboard layouts.
  • We provide downloadable keyboard charts for Hindi and English layouts.
  • Use these charts to practice key placements and enhance your muscle memory.
  • Keyboard charts are particularly helpful for those transitioning from physical typing to touch typing.

Special Character Codes:

  • Computer typing often requires the use of special characters, symbols, and accents.
  • We offer a comprehensive list of special character codes for both Hindi and English.
  • Learn how to efficiently type special characters and improve your overall typing accuracy.
  • These codes are essential for data entry jobs and typing tasks involving unique characters.

Notes for Practice:

  • Our collection includes notes and typing practice materials for Hindi and English.
  • These notes cover a wide range of topics and paragraphs for practice.
  • Ideal for those preparing for competitive exams, these materials help you type with precision and speed.
  • Regular practice with these notes will significantly boost your confidence in typing tasks.

Competitive Exam Preparation:

  • If you’re preparing for competitive exams such as SSC CHSL, CGL, MTS, or others, computer typing skills are often a part of the exam.
  • Utilize our resources to practice relevant paragraphs and sentences tailored to these exams.
  • Achieve the typing speed and accuracy required to excel in your competitive endeavors.

Self-Learning and Training:

  • Whether you prefer self-learning or are considering enrolling in a computer training institute, our resources cater to both.
  • Self-learners can follow our step-by-step guides and practice materials at their own pace.
  • Those seeking professional training can use our materials as supplementary resources to enhance their learning experience.

Download : Computer Typing Book PDF

English Typing PDF

English Typing keyboard image
English Keyboard image

English Typing Course – E-Learning
Super Success Institute and SSCSTUDY.COM
Medium : English
PDF pages : 20

Hindi Typing Course Book PDF

Hindi Typing Keyboard image
Hindi Typing Keyboard image

Hindi Typing Course- E-learning
Compiled by : Super Success Institute
Medium : Hindi
PDF pages : 22

Hindi Keyboard Layout

Computer Key – Hindi Keyboard Layout
PDF pages : 1

Hindi Keyboard – with and without Shift

Key board Shift or without Shift
Number of pages : 1

Special Character code Chart

Special Character Code Chart
Medium : Hindi
PDF pages : 1

Typing Speed Test PDF

Typing Test Booklet
Medium : English
Number of pages : 21

Name : Content of English Typing
Medium : English & Hindi
Number of pages : 13

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