Actual and Billed Quantity in Tally Prime

Use Separate Actual and Billed Quantity columns in Invoices in Tally Prime. Actual & Billed Quantity are those entries where a voucher entry is made without any values, but needs to update in the records. One item do sales with anyone another item we get free other item in actual & billed quantity. The educational mode entry in Tally Prime with example for Training purpose is provided below.

Permission for Actual and Billed Quantity Column in Tally Prime

Use Separate Column for Actual and Billed Quantity:
Taking Permission: > F11 Company Features > F2 Inventory Features
Use separate actual and billed quantity columns in invoices:           (Yes)

Activate Zero Value Transaction:

Gateway of Tally > Alter > Voucher Type > Sales
Allow  zero-valued transactions         (Yes)

Create Ledger: Gateway of Tally > Create > Ledger   

Ledger NameUnder
Super ComputersSundry Creditors
PurchasePurchase Accounts
Mona TradersSundry Debtors
SalesSales Accounts

Create Stock Group :Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Group      


Create Item : Gateway of Tally > Create > Stock Item >


Purchase Entry with Actual and Billed Quantity Column

Supplier invoice no.: 001
Party A/c name ledger:  Super Computers
Purchase ledger: Purchase

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
Laptop50 Pcs50 Pcs210001050000
Pendrive100 Pcs100 Pcs35035000
 150 Pcs150 Pcs1085000

Sales Entry with Actual and Billed Quantity in Tally Prime

Buy 1 Laptop and Get 2 Pendrive free : This is the offer your store is giving to customer. Example sales entry is given below.

Reference no.: 001  
Party A/c name ledger: Mona Traders
Sales ledger: Sales

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount
Laptop1 Pcs1 Pcs2200022000
Pendrive2 Pcs          2 Pcs  
 3 Pcs3 Pcs22000
Actual and Billed Quantity in Tally Prime

Assignment for Actual and Billed Quantities :
Buy 1 Mouse & Get 2 USB Hub free

Product NameBuying Price & QtySelling Price & Qty
Mouse100 Pcs   120 Rs1 Pcs    190 Rs
Usb Hub400 Pcs    30 Rs4 Pcs     35 Rs

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